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sparkly red high heels

Sparkly red high heels

These shiny sparkly red high heels are my ultimate confidence builders and I wore a pair of these to Pride 2019. I lost that pair so had to buy another pair and I have worn these on my occassions at events and nights out. Whereever i've worn these they have drawn attention and on a …

Disappointed with Doctors

It’s 6:30am and I’m wide awake because I am still so angry at what happened yesterday with my GP. Yesterday at 4pm I get a phone call.from my doctors and because I was on another call I phoned them back. Ring ring “Hello doctors surgery” Yes I’m returning your call. Someone from the surgery called …


What’s it feel like to be transgender

Feels like your shoes are on the wrong feet. You’ve always been dressed that way, from birth. Every time you’ve complained about your feet hurting, everyone tells you that you’re fine, “don’t be silly”. You put some shoes on the right way, and it feels great, a huge relief, but you know that everyone thinks …


Why cant you be yourself?

Why can't you be yourself? Be unique? Why does everybody think that we need to conform? To all be the same? To be drones? To all look the same? Dress the same? To even think the same way? Surely one of the main things about being human is that we are all individuals, then if, …