Month: December 2020

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Its New years eve and after the wet fart that was Christmas, with Covid lockdown 4.0 (or whatever number it is now), I’d like to have a good one.

But alas we’ve been placed in tier 4 despite this area having a very low infection rate!

So bollocks to Boris, I’m off out tonight. I intend to go out, get tipsy, shout happy new year at 12:00 and then crawl into bed. Either alone or with someone else, I dont care!

The past 2 years of my life have sucked and 2021 beccons and hopefully this wont be as disappointing as the past few years.

Things I want to do in 2021:

  • Holiday
  • Start HRT
  • Finish re-building my house
  • Go to Pride 2021 (if we’re allowed)
  • Ignore all news

So, have a Happy New Year my loves, I hope you all either get drunk, get laid (or both) and have a happy care free New Year with friends or family. Well everyone apart from Steve A! Cos your a cunt!


Purple nails by Simply Bliss in Macclesfield

Christmas time, new nails time, children singing…. oh forget it.

Its Christmas time and I want to look good for the festive period, even though i’ll be spending the majority of the christmas on my own.

I’ve had my hair done, been for a waxing and got my nails done.

Check out these purplely, sparkley bad boys. They’re gel coat done by Simply Bliss on Mill Street in Macclesfield

Sparkly red high heels

These shiny sparkly red high heels are my ultimate confidence builders and I wore a pair of these to Pride 2019. I lost that pair so had to buy another pair and I have worn these on my occassions at events and nights out.

Whereever i’ve worn these they have drawn attention and on a number of occassions i’ve had to fight women off from stealing them 😀

They arent as comfy as some of my other shoes but they do look amazing on, especially with a red dress.

sparkly red high heels
sparkly red high heels
sparkly red high heels
sparkly red high heels
sparkly red high heels
sparkly red high heels

Nurse Angel mural on High Street, Northern Quarter

Nurse Angel mural on High Street, Northern Quarter

Just up the road, High Street from the Thomas Street and High Street there is this beautiful Nurse Angel Mural by @akse_p19

Situated on the right hand side as you walk up High Street, next door to Sweet Mandarin.

This is a beautiful piece of work and warrants a close up look, especially the eyes. Stunning.


Location Map

Photo date: 27th December 2020

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

Disappointed with Doctors

It’s 6:30am and I’m wide awake because I am still so angry at what happened yesterday with my GP.

Yesterday at 4pm I get a phone call.from my doctors and because I was on another call I phoned them back.

Ring ring
“Hello doctors surgery”
Yes I’m returning your call. Someone from the surgery called me.
“Can I have you details”
“Oh, no ones put a record on your notes so I don’t know who it was.”
Er, Okay, while your on can you check if the letter you received on the 2nd December from the gender clinic has been actioned?”
“No, nothings been actioned yet.”
Why not? The latter clearly states you have 4 weeks to reply otherwise they will cancel the referal request.
“It will be done in time?”
When? Not to put to fine a point on it, but don’t you shut down for Christmas and all work stops. Also don’t you return on the 2nd January which means the 4 weeks time would be up and my referral would be cancelled?
“Oh, I see your point.”
I’ve already waited long enough to get to this point and if your don’t reply then wont I have to start the process again and it’s taken since February to get this far!
“Well you’ll have to ring back next week as I can’t so anything.”
Sigh! Can you get Dr to call me.
“You’ll have to call back next week and make an appointment.”

So there you have it folks.

The wonderful NHS in motion. I was referred earlier in the year to the gender clinic and all the gender clinic have done is sat on the referral for several months then requested more information from my doctors who are being very lax in supplying this back to the clinic. Makes me very anxious when i’m relying others to .

What a wonderful system!

As as a consequence I am now wide awake, feeling very anxious and also quite angry at my doctors.

I’m also feeling quite sad that there is a possibility I will have to start my gender clinic referral process again

I have started recording my thoughts as earlier this week I was approached by a TV channel to do a program about my transition. I want the world to see what stupid hoops and mental anguish things like the referral letter and today’s actions give patients such as I.

As usual all the services which matter are shut all weekend. Monday morning is the earliest I can ask my GP again and I’ll have to suffer my anxiety again all weekend.

I haven’t slept all night, my stomach is doing back flips at the though of loosing my referral and my mind is going at 1 billion miles an hour thinking “what the hell is going on?”


New Manchester City Mural

New Manchester City Mural on Thomas St/High Street junction, Manchester

At the corner of Thomas Street and High Street there are two new murals. The first is the new Manchester City mural (Which is actually a Playstation game advert, Fifa 2021) and a new Burberry mural.

The Manchester City mural replaces the NHS Nurse Mural.

The Burberry mural replaces the Manchester City Mural which is on the side of 31 Thomas Street.


Sadly it looks like this is going to be painted over as its received a light black over paint. 27th December.

Manchester city mural, Playstation fifa 2021 advert

Location Map

Photo date: 27th September 2020

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

What’s it feel like to be transgender

Feels like your shoes are on the wrong feet. You’ve always been dressed that way, from birth. Every time you’ve complained about your feet hurting, everyone tells you that you’re fine, “don’t be silly”. You put some shoes on the right way, and it feels great, a huge relief, but you know that everyone thinks it’s very bad, so you hide… finally, you just say, “I don’t care what you say, this is the way that doesn’t hurt my feet, and like it or not, I’m wearing them this way from now on”!

Louise Carroll Sumrell


Why cant you be yourself?

Why can’t you be yourself? Be unique? Why does everybody think that we need to conform? To all be the same? To be drones? To all look the same? Dress the same? To even think the same way?

Surely one of the main things about being human is that we are all individuals, then if, why are we not allowed to act individually? To act as an individual, to stand out is almost socially unacceptable.

Me as me

For example, lets say the girl who dresses all in black, wears black makeup, black lipstick. Why do some of you want to look down on her, as if she some kind of weirdo?

Just because she doesn’t conform to “your” set of standards, you point at her as something strange. Well “fuck you” for thinking that way. Perhaps she see’s you as strange because you wear the same outfit as your friend Sharon in which case you look like a pale copy of your friend or vice versa.

What about the man who has tattoo’s all over his body, neck and face? Are you looking at him with fear and suspicion because of the way he looks? Well, I’ve met him and many others like him and he’s a really nice guy.

Then let’s take me.

Its taking me 50 years to realise that I’m something that society deems to be “abnormal” but I’ve chosen to go down this path because this is what makes me feel happy inside. I don’t expect you to understand but this is what makes me happy. Yes, I don’t fit into your little social centric box of being normal because normal makes me unhappy!

I’ve had the miss pleasure today of walking round the Trafford centre something that I don’t particularly like.

One likes to shop but I don’t like the Trafford centre and the only reason I go is because the staff at Boots know me, they know what I like, they know what I want to buy.

The number of people in there today that have looked down their noses at me and my friend because we go against social normality. Those people, fuck you, and if I were you i’d honestly think before you cast aspertions on other people. Perhaps you should look in the mirror as you aren’t Mr and Mrs Perfect.

I will wear what I want to wear. I will dress how I want to dress. I will do my makeup as I see fit and if society or other people don’t like that I don’t care. Why should I confirm to a social stereotypes to make other people feel comfortable?

If you do feel uncomfortable around me because of how I’m dressed then that says more about your mental state than my mental state. You only see the clothes and not the person underneath.

Am I doing such a bad thing? Or am I just a nutter? Am I somebody that’s found happiness being of what I want to be? Is society’s view so bad that anything other than “normal” is protrayed as weird?

If I told you, “you can’t have tattoo’s” or “you cant have a nose piercing” you’d more than likely tell me to Uck foff!

Well, please feel free to do the same.

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