Month: May 2021

Tamar railway bridge at Saltash, Cornwall

On the way back from Cornwall on the 26th May I took a little detour to see Mr  Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s monumental erection that is the Tamar railway bridge at Saltash, Cornwall.

Penwith, Cornwall, May 2021

I’ve just spent a great week away in deepest Penwith, Cornwall. I needed a break after lockdown 3.0 or whatever number it is now!

I needed to go chill out, relax, and breathe. Away from work, away from my house, and away from my family. I also needed to go and see some of my friends and spend time with them as I don’t see enough of them with them being so far away.

Spent many hours walking, many hours sitting on a rock thinking, and many hours in the pub drinking.

Here’s a selection of my photos from the last week.

Covid rules Vs common sense

I’m in a cafe and go to sit down but the table I would like, which has 4 chairs as I’m waiting for friends, but am told I can’t because this table hasn’t been cleaned.

So, I’m not allowed to sit down until they’ve cleaned the table, but I can sit down at an adjoining table because that’s been cleaned*.

I also can’t stand and wait for them to clean the table because your not supposed to be stood up inside because the rules say you have to sit down!

This is so fucking stupid!

I’m sitting at a table which now needs to be cleaned before the next people can sit at it because the table i want, with 4 seats, plus I can’t stand and wait either!

I eventually got the table and *they never cleaned the table I’d been sat at!!!!

Bonkers!! But rules is rules, apparently!

This covid bollocks needs to do one!

Be yourself

What does it mean to be yourself? A question I’ve asked myself many times over the past few years.

Some people have lots and friends and family around who are supportive while they seek to find themselves or be themselves, while some of us choose solitary lives while we seek to find ourselves or to be ourselves.

Not everyone is the same and society pulls and pushes us to fit into certain boxes.

I’ve sat and pondered the answers to “who am I” and tried to find myself over the years and this has sometime lead to me hiding and even running away to find that elusive being – that is myself!

I’m here to tell you not to conform to those boxes but to make your own box.

Don’t sit inside one of societies little boxes, design, build or imagine your own box and once you’ve built it, make sure you spend time evolving that box – to make it a better version of yourself.

Don’t let “society” dictate who you should be and be who you want to be, unless its an axe murderer or homicidal maniac, then don’t be that. Or maybe do be that but perhaps not practise what’s in your box. Oxymoron alert!

Dress as you like, wear your hair as you like, pierce things, tattoo bits, be nice, be moody, be extreme, be friendly, be unfriendly, be happy, be sad, be cooperative, hide away, eat, drink and be merry or starve, be teetotal and be a miserable fucker!

The choice is yours. But be yourself.

Don’t let other dictate what you can and can’t be in your life.

I’ve spent a long time in my life trying to conform to what I think other people want and ultimately ended up unhappy because making others happy has not brought me happiness. In the short term I saw the pleasure in the eyes of others but time and time again this was short lived and my last deed is always expected to be surpassed.

I’ve learnt that by being me, being nice and being happy is more than enough for those who are my true friends and lovers. They don’t expect anything from me other than to be myself. And in our relationship, be it friend or otherwise, nothing is expected in return.

I digress.

We are all individuals, we all deserve happiness and we all should be who we want to be.

Be yourself my love’s and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Love Mikki

Two months of taking Estrogen

This is just a quick update from me about what it’s like at two months of taking Estrogen, and testosterone blockers. I wanted to put my thoughts, feelings, and findings down on paper for posterity.

The first thing I’ve noticed over the past few weeks is how much more calm my mind is. It’s almost like somebody has taken the brain fog away from me. I wake up in the morning with a clear head and not in a constant estate of semi arousal. This has got better and better over the past few weeks as it wasn’t an immediate thing.

Prior to taking estrogen, I would probably wake up in the night two or three times with an unwanted erection. But over the past eight weeks, this has got less, even to the point where I wake up in the morning without any arousal or sexual feeling.

I am also getting a full night’s sleep now and I haven’t had this for a very long time.

More rested Mikki equals happier Mikki!

My body is also changed a little bit.

Nothing major but my nipples are very sore and sensitive. Yesterday was pretty bad and I felt like I wanted to scratch them off but this calmed down later on in the afternoon.

Unfortunately a little downside. I have put a little bit of weight on and I’m unsure whether this is the estrogen or not. I’ve been told it is a side effect but it could also be because I’ve had a more sedentary life over the last eight weeks as I’ve been tied to a desk doing accounts shit for weeks. (Gah!)

The estrogen I’ve been taking is Estradiol and I rub a set amount into my skin twice a day.

So here’s to two months of taking estrogen and onwards to many more.

Walkies round New Brighton, 09/05/2021

Walkies round New Brighton, Wirral

Went to New Brighton on the 9/05/21 with friends Helen and Jude and our 4 dogs and had a fantastic walk down the beach from up at the Coastguard station all the way down to Fort Perch and Back.

The promenade was busy but the beach itself was nearly deserted and we passed no more than half a dozen other dog walkers on the way there and back.

Dogs loved it and apart from mine, Chante, where in the sea all along the beach.

Stopped for Tea at the Perch Fish Bar, superb fish and chips. Really generous portions.

Sat and drank tea outside Helens campervan and watched the sun go down. Great end to a lovely day.

Location Map

Photo date: 9th May 2021

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

The Doodle on Ducie Street, Manchester

The Doodle on Ducie Street, Manchester near Piccadilly Train Station

A brilliant piece of artwork, called the Doodle on Ducie street. Located between Piccadilly and Dale street, just behind 111 Piccadilly. This is a fab piece of artwork and must be 35 feet in length and 7 ft high.

The artwork was creted by 30 artists, names below who are or have been homeless in Manchester.

Inspired by a brighter future and is a project by “With One Voice” and “Artolution”.

Worth a look if your passing from Piccadilly train station towards the City centre as its litterly 30 seconds off Piccadilly.

Location Map

Photo date: 29th April 2021

Video copyright: Mikki Tiamo

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