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NHS Covid Pass

Yet again it’s dealing with the NHS time and yet again I’ve ended up with the sourest of tastes in my mouth as dealing with the NHS bureaucracy always leaves me feeling like I’ve done or am about to do something wrong! I’ve been trying to set up the NHS Covid pass so I can …


Inconsiderate Fucks

I am all for everyone doing their own thing in life, but I also can’t stand those inconsiderate fucks who do what they want just to piss everyone else off or even to the point where those around them actually want to put a pair of scissors through their head. Yes, folks, I’m talking about …

Its happened again

It's happened again. I start a relationship with someone and they declare their undying love for me, for what I am, for my lifestyle and then within a few weeks want me to change to something they want me to be. Why?! Why does this keep happening? Is it ME? Is it that the people …