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Thank You for a wonderful weekend

Its my 51st birthday this week just passed, and I’d like to thank my friend Jane for an ace weekend. Last year I was 50, surprisingly! but because of Boris and chums, Covid, and Lockdown 2.0, I couldn’t celebrate it in the style I wanted to! So, this year a weekend in Blackpool was organised …


Stop calling groups of people, Guys

Will staff at attractions, hotels, and restaurants stop calling groups of customers, "Guys" I'm out with a group of female friends and the maitre d' at the restaurant we're visiting calls us all "Guys". We look at him and ask him if he needs to go to Specsavers. He then does it again! "Can I …

Media portrayal of Transgender people

As the transgender community is in the media spotlight at the moment, Oct 2021, I wanted to discuss the media portrayal of Transgender people and I'm going to discuss the difference between transgender celebrities versus how it treats regular transgender people and how we are perceived in the media. First, let's look at the celebs, …