Month: October 2021

Thank You for a wonderful weekend

Its my 51st birthday this week just passed, and I’d like to thank my friend Jane for an ace weekend.

Last year I was 50, surprisingly! but because of Boris and chums, Covid, and Lockdown 2.0, I couldn’t celebrate it in the style I wanted to!

So, this year a weekend in Blackpool was organised and Jane and I ended up celebrating my 50th on the last day of my 50th year. This was on Friday evening, and then the day after I got to celebrate my 51st birthday.

On Saturday we went up to the top of Blackpool Tower and watched the sun go down while drinking cocktails, which was ace, and then a night out in Blackpool’s Gay Village which I only remember small snippets of!

Shame it rained so bloody hard on Sunday.

Thank you, my wonderful friend. Love ya!

Stop calling groups of people, Guys

Will staff at attractions, hotels, and restaurants stop calling groups of customers, “Guys”

I’m out with a group of female friends and the maitre d’ at the restaurant we’re visiting calls us all “Guys”. We look at him and ask him if he needs to go to Specsavers. He then does it again!

“Can I get you guys some drinks?”

When did it become acceptable to call everyone “Guys” be they Man, Women or Child?

You wouldn’t call a group of men “Gal’s”?

“Hi Guys”, “What can I get you guys?”, “Everything okay guys?”, “Thanks for visiting guys”, “See you again guys”

Fuck Off!!!

The 11 of us at the meal that afternoon all agree. Guys isn’t right!

First off calling a group of Women “Guys” is so wrong and secondly “Guys” is not gender-neutral!


guy noun (MAN)

​A2 [ C ] informal a man:

He’s a really nice guy. guys B1 [ plural ] mainly us used to address a group of people of either sex: Come on, you guys, let’s go.


Where does this come from? Is this another Americanism that’s winged its way across from the good old US of A!

What’s wrong with “Hello” or “Thank you for visiting” or even “Is everything okay for you all?”

If your business uses “Guys” to greet your customers. Stop it. We don’t like it.

Transend, Macclesfield Trans and Trans Ally group

If you’re looking for a Trans friendly group, Transend, in Macclesfield then I can recommend you take a look at the Transend group on Facebook as they are a great bunch of people supporting the trans community in Macclesfield.

Sure, Macclesfield has its own little LGBTQ+ community but as with many LGBTQ+ groups I have found they focus mainly on the LGB part of our spectrum and the Macclesfield group also focus’s heavily on the pride element of the LGBTQ+ community. I applaud this but I also think lots of LGBTQ+ people are looking for support more than a parade once a year.

Ironically, I found Transend through while searching links on the Macclesfield Pride website and visited the facebook page and joined.

The group is very friendly and as well as the online chats the group hold regular meetings at local venues.

Please take a few moments to view the facebook page and possibly join. I am on there so if you want to chat, pin me in a message.

The facebook group is available at :

Soon to be 51, photo gallery

I’m 51 in a few weeks time, time to celebrate but before I do a little photo gallery of you know who.

After a conversation today, a few thoughts won’t go away about how I look, and for my age, I look pretty good.

Photos taken in the last 3 Months.

How to ruin my night out – Covid!

Sat next to some one at a family do and how to ruin my night out because you perceive you know best!

A bit of background knowledge before we go on, over the past week I have spent quite a bit of time in very noisy places. Because of this I’ve been shouting to be heard, so when I met someone last night at a family event I was a bit croaky and had a really dry cough

So I’m coughing and I’m talking to a woman who says to me “You’re coughing quite a lot, have you had a Covid test?”

No, its just a cough as I’ve got a sore throat

“Well I think you need to go get a Covid test as I think you might have Covid!”

I had a Lat flow test this morning and it was negative. I have to be pretty keen on this because I work in offices and schools.

“Lat flow tests are useless, I work in a doctors surgery and you need to get a PCR test.

What do you do at the surgery?

“I’m the practice manager”

Ah, so you’re a fully trained healthcare professional then?

Correct me if i’m wrong here but let me get this straight, I know you’re concerned about me having Covid, but probably more concerned about catching it.

First off  at if you’re so concerned about catching Covid, why are you out? Go home and shield.

Secondly, in your considered medical option you think I may have Covid, what is your medical training? Probably, but i’m guessing here, none whatsoever.

If Lat Flow tests are so inaccurate why is the government pushing them in such a big way.

Any way because of this it really put a mocker on my night out as I spent the rest of the night going, “It cant be, again? I only had it in August! What if I have got it?”

Tried to book a PCR test but as i’ve tested positive in the last 100 days I was unable to get a test. However after a good nights sleep I’m not coughing and I don’t have a sore throat.

Protests in Manchester 3rd October 2021

On October 3rd I was proud to take part in a protest in Manchester. The People Assembly March against Austerity was a march against Tory cuts to public services, welfare provisions, job cuts, and wages.

What a day, the volume of people there was amazing. I don’t even want to hazard a guess but it was tens of thousands.

The march was attended by many of the trade unions as well as many pressure groups.

It’s now 1 am the day after and I have to say I am disappointed in the BBC, but not surprised, that their coverage is less than an article about using dry ice on train tracks.

The protest went without incident and I saw no incidents or skirmishes all day but I have to say I was very shocked at the number of police present. In some places, the entire street was lined with police.

Photos below:

Media portrayal of Transgender people

As the transgender community is in the media spotlight at the moment, Oct 2021, I wanted to discuss the media portrayal of Transgender people and I’m going to discuss the difference between transgender celebrities versus how it treats regular transgender people and how we are perceived in the media.

First, let’s look at the celebs, and I’m going to discuss Eddie Izzard, who is a massive hero of mine, and a role model for many people. The way the media treat Izzard is completely different from the way the media treats regular non-celebrity trans people such as me.

Why does the media have two different opinions of a group of people other than elitism because of Izzard’s social class? I am no different from Izzard in my transition process and the way I am dealing with things, other than one person is rich and in the media, while I am not. Is there a bigger picture I am missing??

First of all let’s take the article written below, by the Guardian. It is hard to read this and not think the newspaper is holding up Izzard as some kind of, not only a god-like figure but some hero-type figure. Yes, I fully appreciate that Izzard does a lot of work for charity, (Applauds), and I’m not being funny here but, if my bank was such as hers then I would probably spend my time doing something a bit more productive than working, such as helping my fellow Transgender people.

Here, it is not Izzard herself that is my issue, it is the way, that the media, portray the rest of the transgender world compared to trans people like Izzard, Caitlyn Jenner, etc.

Even the way the media talks to trans celebrities is kind of condescending and I would probably take exception with some of the questions Izzard is asked in this interview for the Guardian newspaper. Especially the title, irrespective of whether she has boob envy or not!

If you’re a celebrity and you’re out as transgender then the rules of Media seem to be very different from those of your average transgender person in the street.

The way that we on the street, the so-called “great unwashed Trans people”, are talked about, and the way that the services that we require are portrayed in the media is also very different. There are many articles listed below where these services are belittled, berated, and sometimes paraded as unnecessary! It does nothing for the Media portrayal of Transgender people.

You only have to look at the political parties at the moment who are holding up Trans people in the way they held up other minorities in the past!

I’m surprised I’ve not seen signs outside B&B’s saying, Sorry, No DSS, No Dogs, No Trans. The press side with whoever shouts the loudest and the political parties can’t decide how they should vilify us, berate or belittle the trans community and the media are quick to report on these Trans issues in any way which helps them sell their newspapers/subscriptions.

And then we have both major parties in the past week having internal spats going on about Trans people with Labour MP Rosie Duffield spreading falsehoods about trans people (yes, Trans People are people) and this has meant she has been criticised by others in her own party for her views, but not by the Leader, Keir Starmer.

Then we’ve got the Conservatives, sorry Tories.

The party who have given a voice to the anti trans pressure group, the LGB Alliance at their annual conference in Manchester. No doubt because the LGB Alliance has given the Tory party money! Forget your principles, here’s some money! Or maybe I’m wrong and the Tories invited them there because their views/policies align with the LGB Alliance?

I will write about my view on the LGBA soon but I will state here and now, people should be able to express themselves, dress as they wish and have control of their bodies as long as it doesn’t harm others in any way. Plus my sexuality is no one’s business but my gender is visible to all, every day of my life.

I hate that the media portrays Trans people as freaks to be made fun of or have fingers pointed at. I have fought with my conscience about who I am and being trans for 47 years of my life and admitting to myself and seeking professional help has led to me 4 years later being the happiest, the most productive, and most helpful I have been in my entire life. A sentiment repeated by lots of trans people I have met.

The process I have been through has also made me Asexual and I absolutely resent the implication in the media that I am some kind of pervert who looks under toilet stall doors. Honestly, this is what transphobic people do, I’ve had it done to me!

Can you imagine now if the very same media which pokes fun at Trans people now held up the same stick in their treatment of our Trans celebrities!?

The media is very quick to “Out” celebrities but at the same time is also quick to distance these celebrities for the vitriol and bile they reserve for the non-celeb classes.


Media portrayal of Transgender people related links

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I just cant wait for the NHS

I cant wait for the NHS, I just can’t! The timescales for Trans care are not just ridiculous, they’re preposterous!!

How can the service waiting list go from 18 months, pre Covid to 48 months post-Covid? This makes no sense!

I’m already struggling like crazy dealing with my anxiety, then let’s throw in all the extra shit in dealing with my doctors. Their attitude, ineptitude and apathy, and a not to mention a now potential 5-year waiting list. See, Major legal action launched against NHS over spiralling trans healthcare wait times

I can’t deal with that! Just can’t, and that’s why I’ve gone private with Gender GP.

Dealing with the NHS has been nothing but trauma each time I have to speak to them. It’s like my doctors are hoping I’ll go away if they ignore me/don’t deal with me/give me bad service.

Maybe that’s the point? They hope I’ll leave and move to another GP, pay for everything private or kill myself! Either way, they don’t have to deal with me!

So, I go to see private doctors, and ironically the private doctors I’ve seen work for the NHS!!!!! One I saw was still wearing his NHS badge!

I’m happy dealing with Gender GP and paying for my prescription. Ironically when I told my doctors I was using them they point blank refused to work with them. They also refused to help me monitor my bloods and then lied about the owners of the clinic I’d chosen. That’s Dr Helen Webberley, saying she had been struck off by the GMC.

The media’s views on this lady are nothing but vile and despicable. Just google her name.

I have read many articles on this and lots of people saying “they’re in it for the money”, so why has the service I’ve received much better than that of the NHS. If the NHS was doing its fucking job then I wouldn’t need to go to a private clinic!

It seems the Webberleys have been singled out, but there are many other clinics in the UK that provide similar services.

Now, my mentality is such that I just can’t sit around and do nothing!

This is how my brain is wired and I will learn things so, I firstly don’t have to rely on someone else and secondly can help myself again in the future.

I spent a lot of time researching, reading, and talking to people before I made my decision to start hormones. I even send an email full of links to my GP which she said she would read but, alas I don’t think she has.

I’m the happiest now than I’ve ever been at any point in my life before, why would I let someone, especially my GP or the NHS, ruin that? Why?

So I move on and go private and don’t worry about the underfunding, lack of understanding, ineptitude, or Transphobia I experience from the NHS and general public at large!

If the GMC shut down Gender GP I will jump to another provider because I cant wait for the NHS, it is just not an option!

I know the risks of the drugs I take and with my mental history, you’d think my GP surgery would be more willing to help or even guide me. Alas, they are bound by the General Medical Council guidelines most of which were drawn up decades ago.

I’ve been on the waiting list now for 2 years and Sheffield GIC says it will be 2 and a half more before I get an appointment. Can’t sit and wait that long.

This is my life. I will deal with the consequences of my actions but I want to do what I want and not be governed by a group of people who “think” they know what’s best for me but aren’t willing to communicate, help or discuss things with me.

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