Penzance, Cornwall

Those of you that know me, know Penzance is like a second home to me and over the past 25 years, I’ve spent a lot of time there and have lots of friends down on the Penwith peninsula.

Here are some of my photography shots of this beautiful area of the UK.

Photos were taken in Penzance, Newlyn, and the wider Penwith peninsula.

Penwith, Cornwall, May 2021

I’ve just spent a great week away in deepest Penwith, Cornwall. I needed a break after lockdown 3.0 or whatever number it is now!

I needed to go chill out, relax, and breathe. Away from work, away from my house, and away from my family. I also needed to go and see some of my friends and spend time with them as I don’t see enough of them with them being so far away.

Spent many hours walking, many hours sitting on a rock thinking, and many hours in the pub drinking.

Here’s a selection of my photos from the last week.

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