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Personal Poems/Lyrics

Anxiety is killing me

Anxiety, it’s suffocating me, Every waking moment besieged, Eyes flutter open, there it looms, A relentless presence, sealing my doom. Anxiety, it’s suffocating me, Lying in bed, trapped in dread, To rise or to stay, the dilemma weighs, A prisoner of my own anxious maze. Anxiety, it’s suffocating me, Mind racing, thoughts in disarray, A …


It’s just a dog

Its just a dog so, I'm told by folk who don't know what's in a heart of gold a dog gives you comfort an unconditional love and when they pass its gone, vanished for good It's just a dog I hear you say you'll get over it you just need a few days however my …

My funny friend

There’s not many people Who really like you You come across as an arsehole You really do do But me I think You are actually ace But I’d never say this Direct to your face You know that you make me Laugh very hard With your cheesy jokes About blocks of lard The last time …


A chemical imbalance inside my brain

A mental brainwash, chemically eroded, Parts of my brain, got corroded, Giving me this momentary indisposition, Of being in such, a strange position. My brain is firing, at Lightening speed, So damn fast, it don’t want to heed! Sometimes these thoughts, got me slightly frightened, Almost like, all my senses becoming massively heightened. Something inside …


Am I okay?

So, you ask, Am I okay? What’s that even mean? In a grandiose, scheme of things. Am I okay? Do you give a shit? The answers, no, But we all say yes. Because otherwise, you can not handle, What’s going on inside my head. Don’t listen to me ramble, Existential bullshit preamble Am I okay? …


Just because you’re angry

Just because you’re angry Doesn’t mean you shout at thee That thing that your angry with has nothing to do with me Just because you’re angry and i’m the nearest person Don’t take that anger out on me An innocent party I be Because you’re alone I do not have to wonder why Been dumped …

Computer on desk with notepad, pen and glasses

The WiFi it don’t work

The network don’t work, dear Mikki, dear Mikki The network don’t work here, dear Mikki, fix it I’ve connected my TV, it don’t work, it don’t work I’ve connected my TV, it don’t work, don’t work Mikki It works fine on my hotspot, dear Mikki, dear Mikki It works on my mobile hotspot, dear Mikki, …

Shot of baby Guinness lined up on a bar ready for consumption. Baby Guinness is Tia Maria and Bailey's. The Bailey's is gently poured over a spoon so that it does not mix with the Tia Maria and instead sits on top and the light colour of the Bailey's make the shot look like a baby Guiness. Hence the name.

Lets get fucked up!

Its Friday, and its payday. Time to get fucked up, big time, hey! Bottle of tequila, salt and a lime. Lets drink loads of alcohol, get fucked up big time Havent drunk for 3 months, but already got a taste Looks like this weekend, I’m going to waste Don’t give a fuck, I need to …