So What

So what? If you think I'm gay, I'm really not arsed with what you think, I'll live my life my own way. So what? If you think I look a mess, I probably look better than you, Could fit into this dress? So what? If you say sly words, behind my back, The truth is [...]

Sunday morning, off to church

A little poem about church. Wakey wakey, It's Sunday morn, Church bells ring, Service a calling. Rushing now, I'm gonna late, Bells still ring, Passing the gates. Enter church, Dothing my hat, Sit thee down, A happy lass. Sermon starting, Priest speaks aloud, Words of God, Congregation listen, nod. Singing aloud, Godly, pleasant songs, All [...]

Dont care what you think about me

I don’t care what you think about me. Or your perception, of what you think I might be. I don’t care if you think that I’m weird. I don’t care if you think I am strange. Because what you don’t see, is the mental anguish and pain. All the bitterness of whats inside, thats made […]

Metaphorically dead, red wine

My brain is a factory of doubt and ill reason, Still love you inside, not together there’s a reason, I can’t see things in just black and white, You make me argue, bicker and fight. Although I still love you, we must stay apart, Something deep down means I’m better inside of my heart, When […]

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