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After my post about getting my prescription fulfilled from Gender GP and what is going wrong with Gender GP, I today out of the blue received my prescription and a link for payment from my chosen pharmacy.

This is a little bit confusing because I filled in the original for on the 28th March, again on 11th April and then for a third time on 16th April.

Is this prescription from the first time I filled in the form or the last time?

Whatever, I need my prescription so I’ve paid the pharmacy and if I receive further prescriptions from filling in the form the second and third time I will be grabbing these as well so I have a stockpile.

I still haven’t received my pharmaceuticals yet and id anticipate this being another week which will means its been over a month since the original request and I will have run out of my previous prescription medications by then.

Sort yourselves out Gender GP!

In the meantime, If you are thinking about using their services, think hard as what was once a great service has been sadly lacking in professionalism recently.

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