Doctors have agreed to do my Blood Tests

Doctors have agreed to do my Blood Tests

Yes, folks after all the issues i’ve had in the past 2 and half years my doctors have agreed to do my blood tests!

I was absolutely flabbergasted this week when I received a text message from my doctors to say “Please call in and collect a blood test form” and at first I thought it was for another ailment i’ve been treated for recently, liver function, but imagine my surprise when I collected the blood test form and it said “Testosterone” and “Estriogen”.

After all the general negativity and heart ache i’ve had off my doctors for the past 2 and a half years, of then saying they’d help and then retracting this offer to the general negative experience of dealing with them.

They still keep calling me by my dead name but hopefully I can get this sorted out in the next few weeks.

While I am not unhappy about this decision, I am really confused as to why after two-and-a-half years there has been a very sudden change of mind by the doctors surgery.

For the past 2 years the doctors surgery have vehemently been apposed to helping me in my transition and have constantly said they would not help until I had seen the gender clinic doctors.

As I’ve written before one of the doctors at the practise actually lied about the clinic that I was using for my prescription drugs and when I called her out on this again the vitriol started.

Now I know the owners of gender GP were under review by the General Medical Council but this case has now finished and the outcome was that Helen Webberley, one of the directors of gender GP, has been reinstated after serving a short suspension.

Maybe this is the reason why my doctors are now willing to help but nobody seems to know the reason despite asking the GP surgery several times!

Oh well, onwards and upwards.

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