Its Manchester Pride Baby! Yeah. 26th August to 31st August

Its Manchester Pride Baby! Yeah. 26th August to 31st August

Hell, yeah! It’s Manchester Pride weekend this August Bank Holiday weekend.

Starting tonight, the 26th of August, Manchester Pride is go!

I can’t wait as I really missed Manchester Pride in 2020  because of Coronabollocks so this weekend I’m gonna party, hair down, inhibitions left at home, and dancing shoes on.

Plus because I missed out on my 50th last year. I will be celebrating my 50th this weekend as well.

Can’t wait to show off my new dresses and shoes. See my friends and many of the lovely people who work in the village, get pissed and maybe shagged!

Pride weekend baby, Hell Yeah!

Here are a few photos from the weekend. I didn’t take many as there’s only so many shots you can take of a massive crowd of people heads and on Sunday and Monday I left my main phone at home and used the little android phone I have which I wouldn’t have given a shite about if I’d lost it but the camera is crap on it!

The weekend was absolutely amazing and I stayed mainly in the gay village as I wasn’t dressed to walk the distance to the outer ring events.

I met lots of people I haven’t seen for a long time, talked until I was horse, hugged what felt like the entire population of the northwest, and also snogged to many people to now not understand how I don’t have at least one Covid Variant! (Mind you I’ve already had it twice beforehand).

Well organised events by many of the Bars and I doth my cap to Centrestage, New York New York, Bar Pop and The Rembrant where we spent most of our time when the music outside stopped.

Friday night I don’t remember what time I got back to the hotel.

Saturday night, I think 3am?

Sunday night, It was getting light!

Shouts out to Jane <3, Gavyn <3, Lesley, Anne, Wendy, Stu, Kevin, Ben, Shahida (you are weird!), and many more. You guys made the weekend and I love you all so much.

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