Birthday night out in Blackpool, 30th October 2021

A few photos from my birthday night out in Blackpool on 30th October 2021 with my sister from another mister, Jane. We went to have a night out to celebrate my birthday in Blackpool.

For those that don’t know where Blackpool is or what it is, then it’s a northern seaside town on the Fylde Coast between the lake district and Liverpool. Its famous for its illuminations (street lights), huge steel erection (Blackpool tower), Pleasure Beach (fairground), its vegas-style nightlife (hahahaha), and it’s cheap as chips family-friendly environment.

Personally, I love its chincy appeal, promenade, piers, and many many bars and hotels.

It was a nice sunny day on Saturday but bloody freezing, which seems to be the norm for Blackpool every time I go!. It was also windy enough that it rocked the tower when we went up to the top.

We stayed and watched the sunset, which was amazing that evening, and I think Jane was captivated by the views not having been up there before.

Blackpool tower management, if you’re listening, bring back the cocktails at the top of the tower…. Please! Drinking a pint of beer is just, well. Shite!

After the tower we went out around the northern part of the town and ended up in Garlands, the Flying Handbag, Man Bar, Kaos, then back to Garlands for last orders.

Can’t believe Jane talked me into walking down to the beach at 4am! I was so cold and it was only her wit and charm which kept me from running back to the hotel 😀

Sunday was a different story and it lashed it down so much that driving home in the evening we’d have been better off with a boat to get down the M6. It’s one of the worst drives in the rain I’ve had and for someone that’s down well over a million miles, that’s saying something.

Bloody love you Jane, and thanks for a wonderful wonderful birthday night out and a great weekend.

Blackpool. 10th January 2020

Friday 10th January.

Knock, Knock on the door. It’s my friend Meg.

“Wow look at you! You off out then?”

Yes, off to Blackpool.

“You look amazing mate. Here’s those keys and have a great day. Gimme a hug”

I went to Blackpool for a number of reasons but the main was to go visit an elderley relative in hospital as I was told “He’s very ill” by my mother.

He was a bit shocked when Mikki turned up.

“So, the clothes. Are you gay?”

No, Uncle not gay.

“Oh, so does it make you happy?”

Yes, uncle it does.

“Oh right. Well that’s good I suppose”

Next I went to visit some friends up at North Shore and spent a few hours with them and finally a night out with friends.

Blackpool at night

7th December and I find myself in Blackpool at night, for a night out with Kim.

She has never been to Blackpool before and wanted to see Blackpool Tower and the comedy hall of fame. So before we go to Funny Girls we walk down to the seafront.  It’s Bloody freezing! I know its November, what were we expecting?

Photos are of Blackpool Sea Front, Blackpool Tower, The Winter Gardens, and Funny Girls.

The other shots are of some of the Graffiti we spotted while walking over to Funny Girls. If you haven’t been to Funny Girls it’s well worth a visit.

Had a fantastic night.

Funny Girls in Blackpool

Ring, Ring: “Hi Kim is me. Wanna go out in Blackpool? I’ve got tickets to Funny Girls in Blackpool”

“Oh Mikki, that would be great”

“Fantastic, You’re driving then Kim. Pick me up on Friday about 5pm and wear your best dress and pack a bag.”

My mate Kim has never been to Blackpool. Never, Ever! And its amazed me how someone can get to 40+ years of age and have only lived 55 miles from Blackpool but never have visited? *

For those that don’t know what Funny Girls in Blackpool is then allow me to enlighten you.

Funny Girls is a Drag Act Caberet Show Club in Blackpool now homed in the old Odean theatre on Dickson Road up near Blackpool Tower. This is classed as the Gay Quarter of Blackpool and is home to many fabulous Gay Bars and pubs around here.

You can expect, Drag Acts (well duh!), comedy, dancing, singing. It’s an all-round entertainment show from the Funny Girls Follies.

The Funny Girls Venue is fantastic and the quality of the shows is absolutely amazing and it kept us captivated all evening from the Host Zoe and her cutting wit through to the dancers and loverly floor and bar staff. Great entertainment which made us cry with laughter, sing with joy with fab food and cocktails.

It’s a great evening out in Blackpool’s gay district if you’ve never been.

Dress code is Smart casual, Fab or OTT! No tracksuits or baseball caps (I realise for some people this is smart casual, but dress like your going to court for your last burglary offense at the very least!)

Funny Girls in Blackpool’s address is:

5 Dickson Road

* You know Kim’s ex thought Blackpool was a dump and would never take her/go there. So they went to Rhyl instead!!! Oh, they irony!

We had a great night but a lesson learnt for me. Wearing a tight skirt and then having to get into Kim’s little sports car was amusing for Kim and a nightmare for me.

Love you Kim babes xxx

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