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It’s just a dog

Its just a dog so, I'm told by folk who don't know what's in a heart of gold a dog gives you comfort an unconditional love and when they pass its gone, vanished for good It's just a dog I hear you say you'll get over it you just need a few days however my …

My funny friend

There’s not many people Who really like you You come across as an arsehole You really do do But me I think You are actually ace But I’d never say this Direct to your face You know that you make me Laugh very hard With your cheesy jokes About blocks of lard The last time …

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An ode to my dog

I wrote this shortly after my girl passed in July and I hope this poem helps someone else.   I morn my girl Chante, every-day. My life isn’t the same, since she passed away. For 15 years, a massive part in my life. She was even with me, through troubles and strife. And not a …