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How I deal with misgendering

I don’t get misgendered very often these days but this is how I deal with misgendering. Do it once, it’s annoying but okay! Do it twice, and beware, you’re on notice. Do it 3 times and I’ll distance myself from you so quickly you won’t believe it, and have done on numerous occasions. I’m four …

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What is Transphobia?

Transphobia is a form of prejudice and discrimination aimed against transgender people. It can be in many different forms, from verbal abuse, physical violence, and discrimination in employment, housing, and healthcare. Transphobia is often based on the belief that transgender people are not valid or that they are something less than a cisgender people. This …


Nearly got the shit kicked out of me

Today, Nov 26th, 2021, I made a bit of a mistake in defending myself and I nearly got the shit kicked out of me by a group of big brave Asian lads. Ironically said!!!

I was in Stoke today, I don’t like Stoke (Hanley), it’s got bad memories plus some of the worst transphobic and homophobic abuse I’ve had have been in Stoke.

If you live in Stoke I apologise but it’s my personal opinion/experience.

I occasionally work there and today was one of those days and I’d finished at 11 am and decided to get myself a McD’s and called into the branch in the city centre.

On I walked in, its empty bar four Asian lads sitting near the door and a group of builders sat on the opposite side of the restaurant.

As I walk in one of the Asian lads says to me, “Alright darling, do you want to come back to mine for a good time?”

I didn’t reply and carried on walking.

What appears I’d invertedly done by minding my own business is offered him and his mates an invitation to come over and abuse me.

I was placing my order on the screen as far away from them as possible in the store, but the same lad comes over, stands behind me and says “Whatcha ordering?” and gooses me!

gerund or present participle: goosing
1. poke (someone) in the bottom.”

I turned and pushed him quite hard away from me, and shouted: “What the f-ing hell do you think you’re doing?”

This got quite a violent reaction and I see a fist clench.

“Leave me alone, not interested!”

As I’m wearing a pair of high heels, I’m in no position for a fistfight.

He shouts “How fing dare you fing push me away, like! What you doing you fing stupid bitch!”

I look round and notice his mates have now stood up and another one is walking over to me.

I also notice that the builders have all stopped talking and are looking at us.

“I’m fng talking to you bitch” and he pushes me again.

“f off, go away!” I say.

Taking a step back I hear one of the builders shout “Leave her alone” and one of them stands up.

This asian lad turns to them and says “Fuck off dickhead, I was talking to her”

I step out of my heels so I am now barefoot in the middle of the restaurant.

Again he turns to me and says “Who do you think you are, what you doing? I’ll kick your ass you stupid bitch”

I’m now ready to punch this arsehole but again I hear the builders shout “Oy, dickhead. Leave her the fuck alone or i’ll fill you and your mates in”

All the builders have now stood up and a number of the staff are also now standing at the counter.

The manager shouts over, “You need to leave, we’re calling the police”

These Asian lads have now started a retreat but as they start to walk out the door one of them spits on the floor in front of me,  and they’re all shouting abuse at all in the restaurant.

One of the builders comes over to me and says “Are you okay duck?” I nod and start to put my shoes back on.

The manager comes over and says “Don’t worry we’ve got them on CCTV. Come over here and sit down”

The builders are also standing next to me and are making comforting noises and ushering me to sit down.

“Bunch of dickheads, bellends, etc. You alright?”

I sit down and the manager asks me what I’d like to eat and drink. I barely mumble what I want, and he disappears.

Everyone asks me if I’m alright. I am. A little shaken and the adrenalin has kicked in, my heart is going 10,000 beats a minute and I’m shaking!

I’ve been in that situation before and the last time I ended up fighting my way out which ended with me battered and bruised and a night in A&E!

My coffee arrives and I take the cup and hold it in both hands. I really now want out of here but am now the center of attention. This is the last place I want to be and when the police arrive the next 40 minutes are a blur as statements are taken from everyone.

Absolutely ruined my day, week and month if I’m honest and I have great sympathy for anyone this has happened to.

Its also affected me when there are a re large groups about but only in Stoke!


Media portrayal of Transgender people

As the transgender community is in the media spotlight at the moment, Oct 2021, I wanted to discuss the media portrayal of Transgender people and I'm going to discuss the difference between transgender celebrities versus how it treats regular transgender people and how we are perceived in the media. First, let's look at the celebs, …