I don’t get misgendered very often these days but this is how I deal with misgendering.

Do it once, it’s annoying but okay!

Do it twice, and beware, you’re on notice.

Do it 3 times and I’ll distance myself from you so quickly you won’t believe it, and have done on numerous occasions.

I’m four years down the line now and if you see me as I was four years ago then you either don’t care about me, or have some kind of problem with me being transgender.

I don’t do this to be nasty, or to be disrespectful. I do it to protect my own sanity, and my own sanity is more important to me than anyone else’s mental thought processes or inability to see me as what I am now. Basically, see ya later!

If you can’t remember my pronouns, use my name and if you can’t remember my name, try “Hun”, “friend” or even “mate”.

It’s not hard!

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Mikki Tiamo

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