What you see online is only a representation of someone’s life, whether they be good or bad bits and doesn’t represent our daily lives.

People look at my online life and say to me, “Oh my god Mikki, you have such a wonderful life”, but what you see online is only a small selection of the things in my life.

The good things I do, I do, to balance out the bad things.

You see the confidence, the beauty, the fun and the happiness I have in my life but you don’t see everything.

Because there’s a flip side.

The unhappiness, the internal traumas, the issues with my self rejection, problems with my mental health, and the eternal self sabotage.

Not to mention the crippling anxiety and loneliness I feel every single day.

“But, Mikki, you look so happy”

Yes, I may do but sometimes, however I sit on my own and feel like my heart or my mind is going to explode, as doubt and ill reason grip me and drag me down.

The number of times I have sat and cried myself to sleep this year alone is way too many times to count.

Just in the past six months my life has been up and down so much I’ve actually considered ending it!

Yes, I put on a happy front and pretend everything is okay but it hasn’t been.

So, before you judge what you see on peoples social media pages, be it, good or bad, and then post some shitty comment, think about what that person is going through in their life.

If you don’t like or agree with how someone portrays their life online, unfollow or unfriend them, don’t post shitty comments!

You don’t know what that person is truly dealing with.

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