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The fall out

After yesterday’s post about me being done with folk I did actually block many of the people who’ve misgendering me over the past few weeks and yesterday / today I’ve been dealing with the fallout of actually doing this. One of those people, I completely blocked, I know they’ll probably be reading this and I can’t …

Post it note with the words, time to say goodbye written on it.
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Done with folk

This past week has been one of those weeks where I just don’t want to deal with anyone and I’m done with folk! It’s to exhausting and depressing to argue or even try to correct you anymore. A week where I’ve been called “he” and “him” again by numerous “friends”. It’s too exhausting and depressing …

Dysphoria Quick thoughts


I am really struggling today with being misgendering! After spending the day with my mother on Monday, who I know is never going to change irrespective of how many times I correct her on my chosen pronouns, but it’s the fact that she does it while speaking about me to other people while I’m in …

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Misgendered by a friend

One of the problems with being trans is being misgendered. I get it now and again and if you go down the transitioning road so will you! Irrespective of which way you transition, male to female or a female to male transgender, people will either misrepresent your pronouns or use them against you. Whether they …

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Dysphoria day

Last night I got absolutely trashed and today I have a hang over I just can't look at myself in the mirror again! It's going to be a dysphoria day. I'm looking really bad this morning as I'm sure I cried myself to sleep again last night. I have puffy eyes and their bright red. …