After yesterday’s post about me being done with folk I did actually block many of the people who’ve misgendering me over the past few weeks and yesterday / today I’ve been dealing with the fallout of actually doing this.

One of those people, I completely blocked, I know they’ll probably be reading this and I can’t believe that you have the cheek to actually call me, shout at me and then say I’m a narcissist!

Yes, a narcissist!

If protecting myself from you and your comments makes me a narcissist then I think you need to have a word with the dictionary people to get the word reclassified.

By me accepting or dismissing your comments, so that you are not unhappy, does not make me a narcissist. It actually removes out of my life a negative influence, something I do not want in my life when I’ve worked so damn hard to get this life!

Especially, when I asked you not to do it in the past and yet again you do it again and again. So who’s the narcissist? Is it controlling or are you just seeking to put me down because of envy or another reason?

A few other people I have blocked and I will not let them back in my life even if you tried to communicate with me.

Others have apologised and we’ve talked but I feel let down especially when you’ve only ever known me as Mikki. What are you seeing which makes you say this? No really I want to know!

I’m still struggling with this as do I forgive and forget and give folk another chance?

Let me get this straight in my head. I’m supposed to feel BAD, because I made you feel BAD, because of you making me feel BAD? WTF!!!

I’m struggling because part of me thinks they will do it again.

I do try to see the best in people but there’s this little thing going round and round in my head that’s expecting a different result!

By writing what I wrote yesterday did make me feel relieved as id removed those negative thoughts from my head!

Maybe I should have approached people but I’ve spoken to them about this in the past and they’ve still done it again and being kept awake at night or having that thought in my head keep rolling round and round is damaging my sanity.

I don’t want to be that bad person but sometimes I have to be to protect myself from “friends”.

If the tables were turned what would they do and why do you keep doing it!

Exacerbated is how I feel!

Maybe I should just do as others have suggested and tell people to f off?

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