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Ian Curtis Portrait in Maccesfield

This week, 25th March 2022, marked the unveiling of a new portrait of Ian Curtis portrait in Macclesfield. Painted by the Manchester based street artist Akse_p19.

I’ve showcased Akse_19‘s work before and this is the second portrait of Ian Curtis which has been done on Mill Street in Macclesfield, next to the Bus Station.

The first of Akse’s Ian Curtis portraits is in the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

As some might know Ian Curtis lived in Macclesfield, he was born in Stretford and died on the 18th May 1980 at his house in Barton Street in Macclesfield. He was laid to rest in Macclesfield Cemetery and his memorial stone can be found near the chapel of remembrance in Macclesfield Cemetery. This is the third replacement stone as the original was stolen in 2008 and again in 2019.

Ian Curtis was the lead singer of the band Joy Division and his memorial stone is inscribed with the title of one of their hits “Love will tear us apart”

This portrait of Ian Curtis is absolutely fantastic and brightens up the area with one of Macclesfield’s adopted sons.

If you’re in Macclesfield then its worth just going to have a look at this as the quality of this is amazing, especially when you know its been done with spray paints.

Here are a few of my photos of the Ian Curtis Portrait on MMill street in Macclesfield.

Ian Curtis Portrait in Macclesfield

Street art of New Brighton, Wirral

I was in New Brighton today and instead of walking down the promenade or the beach, I decided to cut through the town centre and was massively surprised first of all by the street art of New Brighton on the buildings but also the quality of works.

The building in the town centre are all painted with various artworks and there are many good examples of street art down the side streets.

What made me really go, “Wow!”, was not the quantity of street art of New Brighton but the quality of the works there.

Some of the murals are absolutely amazing and I spent a good 30 minutes looking at the one of the Life Boat Guy. It’s bloody amazing.

If you’re down in New Brighton walk up from the Fort Perch car park onto Virginia Road or up to the town centre onto Victoria Road.

There’s plenty to see around this area and the easiest way to find things is to walk up past the Seaside Cafe onto Waterloo Road.

Below is a gallery of the Street art of New Brighton on the Wirral.

Cobra Kai Mural, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Cobra Kai Mural, Northern Quarter, Manchester

The NHS Nurse Mural has now been replaced with this Cobra Kai Mural which is an advertisement for a TV program on something called Netflix.

No idea what the program is about but i’m betting its some kind of Karate Kid program.

The mural is located on the corner of Thomas Street and High Street in the Northern Quarter, Macclesfield

Location Map

Photo date: 21st February 2021

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

Manchester’s street art

Here’s a gallery of some of the pictures I’ve taken over the past 12 months on walks around the city center of Manchesters street art.

Street art in the Northern Quarter and an anti lockdown protest

Sunday was a funny old day as I went into Manchester to have a walk round and photograph some street art/grraffiti in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and Beyond.

Stay at Home, Essential Travel OnlyIt turned out to be a funny old day however.

As most of you will know I live in a small village which has a beauty spot right in the middle and after the traffic and number of people here last weekend and on saturday, despite the rain, and also the number of folk down on the canal I thought, Sod it lets goto Manchester, it will be quieter and at least there is something interesting to look at.

Off I drive to Manchester and first thing I notice on the way up the M6 is the number of signs declairing “Essential travel only”, nah! Fuck off! Essential Travel, what’s thats then? Is it essential to drive to work? Is it essential to drive to a place of exercise? Define essential?

Anyway, I was half expecting to get pulled by the Police as during last lockdown this happened several times and the motorways are very quiet indeed today.

I arrive safely in Manchester and deposit my car in one of the car parks which are quite full despite, “LOCKDOWN” and don my rucksack with my photography gear and head over to the Northern Quarter. First stop is Eastern Bloc cafe for a cup of coffee, as Mikki not function properly without coffee in the morning.

Off we go, Chante and I, on a walk round the city centre in search of interesting things to photograph.

First is the Serenity mural which is located just off Stevenson Square on the back of the Police Museum. Sometimes called the Red Lady mural it marks the Suffragettes movement who used to gather in Stevenson Square over 100 years ago.

Quick walk around the corner onto Faraday Street and we have the Birds by Mateus Bailon, a brazilian born artist. I love the colours of this mural. Its very vibrant greens, purples and blues on a black background.

Just up the road is the Ian Curtis Mural which is on what is commonly known as the Zig Zag house because its got yellow and black Zig Zags painted on it but on the other side of the house is Curtis portrait.

I took a slight detour up to Ancoats to see the Faith47 mural which is fooking massive and is over 6 stories high. Well worth a look as driving past doesnt do it justice. The bridge infront of this mural goes over the Rochdale canal and theres a very cheeky painting underneath the bridge 😉

lady in red dress

Red Lady Mural

Birds Mural, Faraday Street, Manchester

Birds Mural

Ian Curtis Street Portrait

Ian Curtis Mural

Faith47 on Ancoats

Faith47 Mural

The next few hours were spent aimlessly walking round the Northern Quarter and photgraphing the street art, graffiti and numerous stickers around the area,

Protests in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens

It was fairly quiet in Manchester City Centre until mid afternoon when a protest started in Piccadilly gardens.

At first there was a few hundred people but as the protest walked round the city this turned into a few thousand and thats despite what the news and media channels say.

I was there and I firmly doubt the BBC sent a reporter out and were more than likely relying on what the protesters posted on Social Media. I also note the BBC says that Police officers were injured! I also doubt this, from what I saw this was a peaceful protest and what I saw in Piccadilly Gardens, on the march and at the end down on Deansgate was all very pleasant. Whether something happened thereafter is unknown to me.

I understand why these people where protesting< I do and those who say “Its not right” need to give their heads a wobble as if we ban the right to protest then surely were on a rocky road to a police state, or worse.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”
Evelyn Beatrice Hall

NHS Nurse Mural

NHS Nurse Mural, Northern Quarter, Manchester

The NHS Nurse Mural has only appeared in the past few week and is of an NHS nurse in full PPE equipment and is a tribute to the NHS workers who have worked throughout the Cornavirus pandemic.

Text on the mural read:

Hold Still

A portrait of our nation in 2020
Explore the Final 100 Portraits

NHS Nurse Mural
NHS Nurse Mural

Location Map

Photo date: 8th November 2020

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

Ian Curtis Street Portrait, Port Street, Manchester

Ian Curtis Street Portrait, Port Street, Manchester

In Manchester there is now a huge Ian Curtis Street Portrait on Port Street. I am a huge Joy Division and New Order fan and Love will Tear us Apart is one of my favourite songs. Not just because its a great song but the meaning has never been lost on me.

This mural is amazing and is some 3 stories high.

The Ian Curtis Street Portrait is quite easy to find and if you know the Northern Quarter in Manchester you’ll know where Port Street car park is and the Zig Zag House (named because one side is painted with Zig Zag’s!).

For those that don’t know where the Ian Curtis Street Portrait is there is a map below.

Go see it, so see it soon.

Ian Curtis Street Portrait
Ian Curtis Street Portrait
Ian Curtis Street Portrait

Location Map

Photo date: 30th October 2020

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

Swan Building murals, Manchester

Mural on Swan Building, Cable Street, Manchester, M4 5JW

The Swan Builidng on Cable Street is home to a series of Managed offices but it is also home to 2 of the best and largest murals in the city of Manchester.

The bottle mural is located on one end of the building (Cross Keys street) and the man is on the other end of the builidng (Oldham Road).

Location Map

Photo date: 19th September 2020

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

Excuse my Depression, it has a mind of its own

Excuse my Depression, it has a mind of its own Street Art

I love to walk round the cities of the world and I also like street art, or graffiti as some might call it. I though this one titled, Excuse my Depression, it has a mind of its own, was quite relevant.

This is located on the corner of Faraday Street and Spear Street behind the Hive building.

Location Map

Photo date: 20th September 2020

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

Vimto Sculpture Manchester, Vimto Park

Vimto Sculpture, Vimto Park, Manchester

I’ve walked up and down Sackville street on many occasions and never noticed the Vimto Sculpture in Vimto Park, Manchester. Located just off Granby Row in front of the Sackville Street Building now part of the University of Manchester site.

Sitting in between the Sackville Street Building and the railway lines is Vimto Park in which sits the Vimto Park Sculpture which depicts a large bottle of Vimto and the fruits which go to make up this delicious Manchester drink which was first made on Granby Row on which Vimto Park sits. Click this link to find out more about Vimto.

Vimto park is now used as a chill out area as its close to many residential flats and the University of Manchester Campus.

Vimto Park Sculpture

Location Map

Photo date: 27th September 2020

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

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