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Wheres Mikki?

Quite a few people have been asking me "Where's Mikki?" and why I haven't posted anything on my site or social media for quite a while. Lots and lots of things have been going on in my life recently, mainly work-related, which have taken me away from my home and social life but have also [...]

Kinmel bay and Rhyl Harbour

For the past 6 months i've been involved in a massive capital project for one of my clients and this has meant that since the start of 2022 I have sent over 3 months in Rhyl, living and working on site. I've had my dog with me and have to walk her twice a day. [...]

Life, Life balance

I know I haven’t posted for a while, but work has been mad busy, my social life has exploded and I’ve been trying to work out a life, life balance. Since the start of the year, I’ve been living in and out of hotels and holiday homes and I’m loving every minute of it. Work […]

Trans rights, Anti Conversion Therapy demonstration, Manchester – 16th Apri 2022

Today I was at the Trans rights, Anti Conversion Therapy demonstration, Manchester – 16th Apri 2022, the Trans rights demonstration against conversion therapy for transgender people. So, Boris Johnson and chums in the Tory party have decided they are going to ban conversion therapy for Lesbian and Gay people, but they do not want to […]

Visiting Venice

View from Google Maps First off let me say straight off this is not a top ten great places to see when visiting Venice, this is more of a Venice survival guide. If you are thinking of visiting Venice in Italy, here are a few tips that I have found useful on what to do, [...]

Synarel shortages

As of 12th April 2022, I am being told that there are Synarel shortages and on several sites and by my care provider Gender GP. I have read that this is because of the Bell v Tavistock ruling. It is my understanding that the GMC is again trying to make things difficult for Transgender people […]

Ian Curtis Portrait in Maccesfield

This week, 25th March 2022, marked the unveiling of a new portrait of Ian Curtis portrait in Macclesfield. Painted by the Manchester based street artist Akse_p19. I've showcased Akse_19's work before and this is the second portrait of Ian Curtis which has been done on Mill Street in Macclesfield, next to the Bus Station. The [...]

Macclesfield Pride 2022, 9th July

Its been announced that Macclesfield Pride 2022 will take place this year on the 9th July in the Market Place in the centre of Macclesfield. For those that dont know where this is in Macclesfield, this event will be located outside the town hall and the poost code is SK10 1DY and will be a […]

How to fix an NVIDIA Error Code 43, Nvidia display adaptor issues

How to fix an NVIDIA Error Code 43, Nvidia display adaptor issues I’ve got quite a few clients over the past couple of years with Nvidia Quadro cards who keep having this recurring Nvidia Error Code 43 issue, and with this they get corruption of the screen and random rebooting issues. This seems to be […]

Prescription issues again

It’s Jan 2022 and I’m having prescription issues again, this time because of a shortage of drugs. After last time’s problems, I don’t need this! I use Gender GP as my prescribing agent, and this has never been an issue but this time the issue has been getting my prescription fulfilled. Having decided to use […]

The death dream

Let’s get straight to the point with this one I keep having this recurring nightmare which I’ve dubbed “the death dream”. I don’t actually die in this dream but it feels like I’m going to do, but I wake up. Each time it’s getting harder and harder to wake up! In the dream what actually […]

“Live free or die”

“Live free or die” is the motto of a website I found today as linking to this blog. I won’t name the blog as I will not link back to a vile anti pretty much everything site but I just found it pretty ironic that the message board motto is “Live free or die” yet […]

More New Brighton

I’ve been working in New Brighton again recently and in the past few days have walked around the town center quite a few times. Here are some of my photos of the wonderful street art in the area alongside some of the views over to Merseyside and Crosby docks.

How hard is it to be trans?

As a Trans person let me first tell you how hard it is to be trans. I'm not looking for sympathy, pity, or even your understanding, I just want you to accept that this is how I've chosen to live my life. Nothing more. Let's take a minute to understand why I want to live [...]

Ferral kids, your parents are dicks!

I’ve been in a seaside town in North Wales over the past few weeks and some of the people I’ve been subjected to over the past week have made me realise that ferral kids, your parents are dicks! It’s not even holiday season yet so why are there so many kids out of school? Kids […]

I really don’t want to exist anymore.

I really don’t want to exist anymore. I just can’t shake the feeling at the moment that I’d be better off not being here. Nothing is going right in my life. I feel like shit all the time. I can’t seem to do anything right in my life. I’m so fucking lonely despite being surrounded […]

Mousehole December 2021

Mousehole December 2021 On Boxing Day I went for a walk from Penzance to Mousehole and back with the little furry animal. I have never seen the place so quiet and its quite obvious lots of holiday homes were empty. Sad really. Photo date: 26th December 2021 Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

The Solomon Browne disaster, 40 years on

This year on the 19th December marks 40 years since the Solomon Browne disaster in which the Penlee lifeboat, Solomon Browne and all hands were lost while attempting to rescue the crew of  Union Star a coaster that was being swept towards the treacherous west Cornwall coast. The Union Star was on her maiden voyage [...]

Can’t sleep!

I been awake now nearly 42 hours now and despite feeling sleepy I just can't sleep! I woke at 6 am on Saturday and it's now nearly 1am on Monday. I went out on Saturday night and partied all night and jumped around like a looney. Done over 36000 steps according to my fitness tracker. [...]


Tonight has been a weird sort of night and I’ve had one woman looking at me intently. What do you mean Mikki, looking? She was not looking at me but looking in the area of my groin. Tonight, I’ve been for a night out in Leeds and it’s not somewhere I go on a regular […]

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