The heterosexual community has no idea about trans orgasms, however the news and media like to speculate and pass judgement on who it feels to orgasm or experience orgasms as a transgender person.

They ultimately will never know as they are not transgender people and they know not what hormones and blockers do to bodies because they have no experience of them.

For me personally, after many years of taking female hormones, they have turned my orgasms into what can only be described as mine blowing.

This is compared to before testosterone blockers and female hormones. My orgasms are massively more intense and last so much longer than prior to HRT.

I regularly experience orgasms of high intensity and duration and on numerous occasions have actually struggled to regain my composure for several minutes after orgasm.

Whereas prior to HRT I would be attentive within a minute or so.

The severity of these orgasms leads to massive volumes of ejaculate material and a sensation which leaves me on a different plain both physically and mentally.

The sensation throughout my pelvic floor can only be described as vibrations through the entire area leading to mental elation which I have only experienced from certain drugs in the past.

I have even felt like my whole body has been flooded with dopamine and even the very ends of my fingers and toes tingle.

I never had this prior to HRT. Never!

I have honestly been left like a puddle on the bed recently and I don’t mean in a puddle. A literal puddle!

Having spoken to several other trans women online I can report that this is not a unique experience and others have said the same as myself.

Yet the media are still trying and say that we can’t experience proper orgasms because of the drugs and operations we undergo as a community.

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