It’s so nice to work somewhere completely accepting and this past month that’s what’s happened.

I’ve been working on a building site over the past month sorting out the cabling, fibre optic connections and WiFi and after working on other building sites in Leeds, Liverpool and especially darn sarf, I was wondering what I was going to get.

Last building site I worked on was in Croydon and I got the piss taken out of me remorselessly. I had two options, glam up and play everyone at their own game or shrink back into myself and do my job and fuck off back up north. Obviously I went OTT and got up early and went nuts and gave as good as I got.

One of the scaffolders was vile but one night after work we all met up in the pub and in full glam mode I ripped him apart and he got quite annoyed until I said “hold on, you’ve taken the piss out of me all week. Pay backs a bitch!” Everyone laughed and eventually he calmed down. But I didn’t enjoy the atmosphere on that site.

Leeds was weird as there was on a site full of Asian men and I think they think that I was fair game or they have the “every holes a goal” mentality. I actually complained to the site foreman because of the amount of touching going on. Not nice!

Over the past month this new site has been fantastic.

Everyone has been so friendly, so happy to help and haven’t seen me as trans but as a member of the site.

I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with these guys on this site. That’s despite working outside in two of the worst storms this country has seen in the past few years. I’ve seen things blown away, horizontal rain and at points not been able to stand up without leaning into the wind at 40%

I’ll also add that the owners have put me up in amazing digs for the duration of the contract.

I’ve just submitted another quote for more work so hopefully I’ll be back there shortly.

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