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Quick thoughts


You know what pisses me off when people say, “all the trauma you’ve been through in life, they must have made you stronger”. No. No they didn’t! All that trauma actually did was give me some very weird coping skills, a fucked up sense of humour and a lot of really nasty habits and kinks!

Quick thoughts

What you see online

What you see online is only a representation of someone’s life, whether they be good or bad bits and doesn’t represent our daily lives. People look at my online life and say to me, “Oh my god Mikki, you have such a wonderful life”, but what you see online is only a small selection of …

Quick thoughts

Token Gay Friend

Am I the token gay friend? I want to know as I’m meeting people who I find both emotionally and physically attractive but I always seem to end up as their “trans friend” or “gay friend” Which I guess, kind of makes me the token gay friend! Someone to confide in, someone to tell about …