Mousehole December 2021

Mousehole December 2021 On Boxing Day I went for a walk from Penzance to Mousehole and back with the little furry animal. I have never seen the place so quiet and its quite obvious lots of holiday homes were empty. Sad really. Photo date: 26th December 2021 Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

The Solomon Browne disaster, 40 years on

This year on the 19th December marks 40 years since the Solomon Browne disaster in which the Penlee lifeboat, Solomon Browne and all hands were lost while attempting to rescue the crew of  Union Star a coaster that was being swept towards the treacherous west Cornwall coast. The Union Star was on her maiden voyage [...]

Can’t sleep!

I been awake now nearly 42 hours now and despite feeling sleepy I just can't sleep! I woke at 6 am on Saturday and it's now nearly 1am on Monday. I went out on Saturday night and partied all night and jumped around like a looney. Done over 36000 steps according to my fitness tracker. [...]


Tonight has been a weird sort of night and I’ve had one woman looking at me intently. What do you mean Mikki, looking? She was not looking at me but looking in the area of my groin. Tonight, I’ve been for a night out in Leeds and it’s not somewhere I go on a regular […]

Out Local-ish

Last night I went out local and surprisingly I had a great night. I’d been in Manchester all day and was going to stay and go round the village but because it was a cold day or the new COVID BS regulations put people off everywhere was quite quiet and at 6pm I headed back […]

My own mental Happiness

It makes me laugh sometimes that some of my so caled friends/acquaintances try to to use me to quash or to appease their own mental happiness. I am more than happy to listen but with some folk its never recipricated. Let me clarify that because they are unhappy in their own lives they belly ache […]

Trans day of remembrance vigil in Sackville Street gardens, Manchester

Today I have been to perhaps one of the best trans events of my life ever, at the trans day of remembrance vigil in Sackville Street gardens in Manchester. Most importantly, what is the Trans day of remembrance vigil? This past week has been Trans awareness week, 13-19th November and for this today there was [...]

Problems getting my prescription fulfilled

Over the past year, one of the things I've struggled with has been the problems getting my prescription fulfilled, despite taking my prescription to the same Pharmacy every time. However, on presenting my last prescription these problems snowballed. On every occasion I've had problems getting my prescription fulfilled and each time I have presented my [...]

Birthday night out in Blackpool, 30th October 2021

A few photos from my birthday night out in Blackpool on 30th October 2021 with my sister from another mister, Jane. We went to have a night out to celebrate my birthday in Blackpool. For those that don’t know where Blackpool is or what it is, then it’s a northern seaside town on the Fylde […]

Stop calling groups of people, Guys

Will staff at attractions, hotels, and restaurants stop calling groups of customers, "Guys" I'm out with a group of female friends and the maitre d' at the restaurant we're visiting calls us all "Guys". We look at him and ask him if he needs to go to Specsavers. He then does it again! "Can I [...]
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