Am I mental for saying this?

I’ve asked myself this a lot over the past few weeks and I’m still not sure that am I mental? I told one of my friends that I didn’t just love her but I was falling in love with her, which I am, was, am, argh! Yes! OMG!! When I’m around her I feel a […]

Misgendered by a friend

One of the problems with being trans is being misgendered. I get it now and again and if you go down the transitioning road so will you! Irrespective of which way you transition, male to female or a female to male transgender, people will either misrepresent your pronouns or use them against you. Whether they […]

Dysphoria day

Last night I got absolutely trashed and today I have a hang over I just can’t look at myself in the mirror again! It’s going to be a dysphoria day. I’m looking really bad this morning as I’m sure I cried myself to sleep again last night. I have puffy eyes and their bright red. […]

Trans-Remembrance Day 2022 in Sackville gardens, Manchester

Well, it's November the 20th and that means it's Trans-Remembrance Day and I'm down in the gay village in Manchester at Sackville gardens for the annual Trans remembrance vigil which marks the end of Trans Awareness Week. To date in 2022, there have been 331 reported killings of trans people worldwide. We need to remember [...]

Being Alone

If you’re going to go down the road and embrace your transition, then you’d better get used to being alone. First of all, I’m not talking about being on your own socially. I’m talking about being on your own romantically. I’m not short of sexual contact but what I am short of is a long-term […]

Doctors again, again!

Yes, again I’m compelled to write about my doctor’s. and yes, I’m getting really fucked off with the shit service! I feel like I’m belly aching for belly aching’s sake but after last week I thought they’d sorted out my name change. Alas, no! I’d booked an appointment last week, after last weeks fiasco, I […]

A time for Remembrance and Reflection – Sunday 20th Nov in Sackville gardens, Manchester

A TIME FOR REMEMBRANCE AND REFLECTION Come along to this if you're Trans or a Trans Ally and join in. I will be trying my hardest to get back to Manchester on Sunday for this. Sunday 20th November 17:15 onwards, Sackville Gardens, Sackville Street, Manchester M1 3WA Join Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity and [...]

Affecting my mental happinesss

You know whether I can’t deal with listening to other people’s problems anymore, its affecting my mental happiness! I’m a very caring person but I am absolutely pig sick of people using me as a dumping ground for their problems especially when as soon as they arrive they disappear! It has to stop as its […]

Am I going mad or is it separation anxiety

I can’t deal with this anymore, my mental process is well and truly screwed up. Am I going mad or is it separation anxiety? I sit with some people for just a few hours and it feels like I’ve been sat with them for all my life and then when we separate I get massive […]

What is it with my doctor’s? Again!

Yet again I have to ask the question, what is it with my doctors? This morning I’ve been in to collect a blood test form and even after changing my name over 2 years ago, they’re still referring to me by my previous name. When I questioned this with the receptionist she said that my […]

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