I like bad boys but why do they treat me like s**t?

Ok, I’m really failing to understand what it is is with women who say they like bad guys and then complain that they get treated like shit by the very same men! You constantly repeat the cycle of going out with bad guys who treat you like shit or beat you up! What am I […]

You’re Beautiful

When I tell you that you are beautiful, I don’t do it because I’m being nice but because I genuinely think you are beautiful. Not just beautiful to look at, but beautiful inside, in your heart and your mind and a beautiful nature. Please don’t cast my words aside as a throw away comment, embrace […]

Can’t do that at home, dancing!

You can’t do that at home, dancing! After this year’s many events and talking to lots of people, I’ve come to the realisation that dancing for some folk is a release. Let me clarify, you can dance at home, Yes! However, not to the level you can at a festival, rave, or live event. Personally, […]

Equinox festival 2022, September 16th-18th

First off let me get this out of the way, the Equinox festival has been the best festival I've been to in the past few years. Images and Videos are at the bottom of the page. Why Mikki? I hear you cry! Well, just because of the relaxed vibe, the fantastic company, the new friends [...]

I feel let down again by my Doctors

It would seem my suspicions about shared care between Gender GP and my doctors were completely correct. Yet again I’ve been let down by my doctors! After the elation a few weeks ago that my Doctors were finally going to help, this week it’s made me realise than the help is still not forthcoming, and […]

Manchester Pride 2022

Well, it's the end of another Manchester Pride and Manchester Pride 2022 to will go down in my thoughts as the best Manchester pride to date. It was best because of the people in general, the venue entertainment and the people I met along the way. However, there are quite a few things that need [...]

Not having a dog affords me freedom

As much as I miss chante, and I really do. Not having a dog affords me freedom. After 17 years of dog ownership I am free to do what the hell I want, when the hell I want to. I’ve been tied to my dog for a long time and this has been especially hard […]

An emotional evening

Tonight, Friday 12th August, has been an emotional night for me as tonight is the first time I’ve been down to the village in Manchester since Chante, my dog, died. Since I’ve been going to the gay village in Manchester I’ve taken Chante with me and it would seem she became somewhat of a canine […]

Writing things down helps clear your mind

Writing things down helps clear your mind. Well it does for me! I’m no mental health expert, some might say mental, but over the years I have been to see several mental health professionals and all of them have told me that that writing therapy, also known as journal therapy, is a great way to […]

Doctors have agreed to do my Blood Tests

Yes, folks after all the issues i’ve had in the past 2 and half years my doctors have agreed to do my blood tests! I was absolutely flabbergasted this week when I received a text message from my doctors to say “Please call in and collect a blood test form” and at first I thought […]

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