Estrogen Gel back in stock

After September this year, I am now back on estradiol as it’s back in stock after previous supply issues earlier in the year which forced me to change my HRT to oestrogen patches. Unfortunately, the patches were not as effective as the gel that ive been on for the past two years and at a […]

Birthday Thanks

On this day of my birth I hope you can see I’m happy with life As happy can be I’d like to say thank you To all of my friends For helping, me be me Filled with happiness and glee I’m 52 today Enjoying all this life So thanks, to you all For saying happy […]

Progesterone or depression?

I’ve been on progesterone now for a month and a half and for the past 2 weeks my mental state has been awful. I’m not saying it is the progesterone but it’s got me thinking! I’m not talking little waves of emotion here, I’m talking like massive elation down to almost suicidal thoughts. Today’s been […]


I know a lot of people think I’m a very strong person but I am very mentally fragile at the moment and that mental state feels like it’s been dropped on the floor and smashed into 1000 pieces! I don’t know why but I always get quite emotional near my birthday day, and that’s not […]

A quick walk round the Northern Quarter and the gay village

Today I had the pleasure of a quick walk round the Northern quarter and the gay village in my home city of Manchester. The photos below are some of the shots I took of the street art and beautiful buildings in these area of the city. The Halloween hats are outside #Via on Canal Street

I like bad boys but why do they treat me like s**t?

Ok, I’m really failing to understand what it is is with women who say they like bad guys and then complain that they get treated like shit by the very same men! You constantly repeat the cycle of going out with bad guys who treat you like shit or beat you up! What am I […]

You’re Beautiful

When I tell you that you are beautiful, I don’t do it because I’m being nice but because I genuinely think you are beautiful. Not just beautiful to look at, but beautiful inside, in your heart and your mind and a beautiful nature. Please don’t cast my words aside as a throw away comment, embrace […]

Can’t do that at home, dancing!

You can’t do that at home, dancing! After this year’s many events and talking to lots of people, I’ve come to the realisation that dancing for some folk is a release. Let me clarify, you can dance at home, Yes! However, not to the level you can at a festival, rave, or live event. Personally, […]

Equinox festival 2022, September 16th-18th

First off let me get this out of the way, the Equinox festival has been the best festival I've been to in the past few years. Images and Videos are at the bottom of the page. Why Mikki? I hear you cry! Well, just because of the relaxed vibe, the fantastic company, the new friends [...]

I feel let down again by my Doctors

It would seem my suspicions about shared care between Gender GP and my doctors were completely correct. Yet again I’ve been let down by my doctors! After the elation a few weeks ago that my Doctors were finally going to help, this week it’s made me realise than the help is still not forthcoming, and […]

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