6 months on Hormones

Today, the 5th of September is my 6 months on hormones anniversary. Where does the time go as it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since I wrote about starting hormones! So, whats happened in the past 6 months? Well, let's start with the mental changes first. Mental Changes I now cry at the drop of [...]

Your just a man in a dress

Actually, you have no idea what I've gone through as a trans person to get to this point in my life, so take your "Your just a man in a dress" comment, and stick it up your fucking arse! I absolutely hate being called this, and to get to this point in my life you [...]

My doctors defense network!

My doctors have decided they now have another line of defence against their patients in the "Doctors Defense Network". "Ring, Ring" Firstly, a prerecorded message is about Coronabollocks and takes 40 seconds. Queue the second pre-recorded message which is over 1 minute 10 long and tells you the procedure but not why. Next, is the [...]

New Haircut done by Hair by Felix

It's new haircut time so yes, I admit it I haven't been to the hairdressers for rather a long time and I've also abused my hair over the past 2 years. The last time I tried to goto the hairdressers they phoned me on the morning of my appointment to tell me I needed a [...]

NHS Covid Pass

Yet again it’s dealing with the NHS time and yet again I’ve ended up with the sourest of tastes in my mouth as dealing with the NHS bureaucracy always leaves me feeling like I’ve done or am about to do something wrong! I’ve been trying to set up the NHS Covid pass so I can […]

Its Manchester Pride Baby! Yeah. 26th August to 31st August

Hell, yeah! It's Manchester Pride weekend this August Bank Holiday weekend. Starting tonight, the 26th of August, Manchester Pride is go! I can't wait as I really missed Manchester Pride in 2020  because of Coronabollocks so this weekend I'm gonna party, hair down, inhibitions left at home, and dancing shoes on. Plus because I missed [...]

How did you start your transition?

One of the things people ask me time and time again is, "how did you start your transition?" So, here's my story on admitting to yourself, this is who I am and why it was really important to me. Personally, I have known pretty much all my life that I am mentally a woman but [...]

Obnoxious about my transition

I met a friends ex-wife today and at first she didn't recognise me at all but then she worked out, after 30 minutes, who I used to be and was quite obnoxious about my transition and started to ask some very personal questions. She then wondered why I got quite defensive in my replies until [...]

The Night after the Night before

One of the downsides for me of having such a vibrant, active social life is when I have a night out and then don't go out the night after. I get this night after the night before feeling. Let me explain. Fortunately, I have a very active social life and when I go out I [...]

That’s not me anymore

I’ve been having a talk today with Kevin who who is a great leveller and sage despite his younger years and I was talking about amalgamating an old website with this one and wondering whether or not I should do that because the old website is my past and this is my future. The old […]

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