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Purple nails by Simply Bliss in Macclesfield

Christmas time, new nails time, children singing.... oh forget it. Its Christmas time and I want to look good for the festive period, even though i'll be spending the majority of the christmas on my own. I've had my hair done, been for a waxing and got my nails done. Check out these purplely, sparkley [...]

New Red Nails <3

Been to have my nails done again at Leoko Creative in Stockport and check out my new red nails which I absolutely love their reddy sparkliness or is that sparklyness? Anyway, new red nails. Distreet service is assured as each client is attended to in private and they are Trans/Cross Dresser friendly. Social Media Links [...]

New Nails from Leoko Cre8tive in Stockport

Today, 28th July 2020, I had the pleasure of having my nails beautified by Leoko Cre8tive of Stockport and i'm as pleased as punch with the result. Nails as individual as I am, Thank you Leone. As you can see from the photos below they look gorgeous and are created by Leone as she does [...]

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