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Street art of New Brighton, Wirral

I was in New Brighton today and instead of walking down the promenade or the beach, I decided to cut through the town centre and was massively surprised first of all by the street art of New Brighton on the buildings but also the quality of works.

The building in the town centre are all painted with various artworks and there are many good examples of street art down the side streets.

What made me really go, “Wow!”, was not the quantity of street art of New Brighton but the quality of the works there.

Some of the murals are absolutely amazing and I spent a good 30 minutes looking at the one of the Life Boat Guy. It’s bloody amazing.

If you’re down in New Brighton walk up from the Fort Perch car park onto Virginia Road or up to the town centre onto Victoria Road.

There’s plenty to see around this area and the easiest way to find things is to walk up past the Seaside Cafe onto Waterloo Road.

Below is a gallery of the Street art of New Brighton on the Wirral.

Walkies round New Brighton, 09/05/2021

Walkies round New Brighton, Wirral

Went to New Brighton on the 9/05/21 with friends Helen and Jude and our 4 dogs and had a fantastic walk down the beach from up at the Coastguard station all the way down to Fort Perch and Back.

The promenade was busy but the beach itself was nearly deserted and we passed no more than half a dozen other dog walkers on the way there and back.

Dogs loved it and apart from mine, Chante, where in the sea all along the beach.

Stopped for Tea at the Perch Fish Bar, superb fish and chips. Really generous portions.

Sat and drank tea outside Helens campervan and watched the sun go down. Great end to a lovely day.

Location Map

Photo date: 9th May 2021

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

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