Transgender myths, how, Transgender people are portrayed in the media

I’ve been thinking about the transgender myths going around and just how transgender gender people are portrayed in the media and political world.

Myths with aren’t quite “real world”, now are they?

Here’s some transgender myths explored but before I get into them, some might be asking, “just how would I know?”

Well, I have experience, as I’m transgender. Are you? What’s your experience?

The real world does not match the political and media myths/agenda, when it comes to transgender people, and how we live our lives.

Let’s explore a few myths about transgender people and how the media see’s transgender people.

The Transgender myths

  • Transgender people are a risk to women and children.
  • Transgender people are sexual predators
  • Transgender people are over sexualising society/children.
  • Transgender women want to watch you pee and use the women’s bathroom purely for this purpose!
  • All transgender people are just men in a dress
  • Transgender people are mental
  • Transgender people should not exist
  • Transgender people are an abomination. Socially, medically and in the eyes of “God”
  • Transgender people are a burden on society
  • Transgender people are a burden on the NHS
  • Transgender people are the cause of war, famine, pestilance, and all that is wrong with the world.
  • All Transgender people are gay.
  • Surely its as easy as a few surgeries

All of these are total bullshit of course, as we are none of the above. Despite what you might read in the Daily Mail or other main stream rag!

Trans people are a risk to women and children

This is one of those absolute BS Transgender myths.

In reality, the biggest risk to women, and children is men, and other women.

Plus, I think some people need a reality check. They shouldn’t to forget that most sexual offenses against children are from their own family, the clergy and the educational establishment.

When a trans women goes in the toilets believe me the last thing she is trying to do is spy on other women!

Lets also not forget that the likely hood of you being in a public bathroom with a trans person is incredibly, incredibly slim.

We make up a very small percentage of the UK population. *

Trans people over sexualise society

Transgender people are definitely not over sexualising society, and if you honestly think this then you need to go have a good look at society in general.

I wont say any more other than what the media does to push a societal image to children, from small children through to their teenage years.

How they should look, who their role models are, even what they see on the TV, internet and social media, etc.

Trans people are just men in a dress

Are all transgender people just men in a dress, No, no, no, no, no!

Contrary to what you read in Newspapers, and Rishi and chums might think/tell you, 50% of trans people are Trans Men.

This is why I think the Changes to the Equality and Human Rights Bill is going to back fire on the political classes if they push it ahead.

There are going to be some very masculine looking trans men, who were born women, in the women’s bathroom and vice versa.

Transgender Men exist. The media only focus on Transgender Women.

Transgender people are mental

Are we mental?

Define mental!

Mental would be doing the same thing, day after day, and expecting a different result.

Dealing with depression and anxiety for most of my life, and knowing from an early age, I was not happy with my biological body. Plus, having a feminine mentality. However, after paying for many hours of psychotherapy, I was told I have gender and body dysphoria.

Then after spending a further year dealing with this information, reading about gender dysphoria, talking to many people, I put my life and career on the line to become who I should and wanted to be.

Dealing with my family, friends, clients and society at large, and handling all the questions, intrigue, love but also distain, hate and abuse.

Yes, I must be mental!

But at the end of the day I am such a happier, more socially rounded, helpful and caring human being than I ever was as the depressed shell of the former me.

So, to be that person, I would be mental.

This story is very similar to most transgender experiences.

Transgender people should not exist

Transgender people have as much right to exist as any other group in society.

One of the things that we are really good at as human beings is to find ways to both berate, abuse and marginalise groups in society that we see as different.

Remember that even just 50 years ago, in the UK coloured people were barred from certain sections of society because they were deemed unfit to be in that section of society. In some countries this is still prevalent.

America always strikes me as a country of massive contradictions.

“Land of the free” but also land of the hugely marginalised!

Sadly, the UK is going the same way.

Even the gay community was vilified just 20 years ago and coming out as gay would get you ostracized!

How many straight people attended Manchester and Brighton Pride this year and brought their kids and had an amazing time!

Trans people are not an abomination.

The media at large seek to put out vile articles about trans people on their webshites, TV channels and newspapers.

Any excuse to berate trans people is tooted from highest mountain.

How many “straight” people do the same of every hour of everyday because of what they read in the media?

Trans People are a burden on the NHS

As for trans people being a burden, I can’t tell you how much bullshit I’d need to wade through to find an ounce of proof in this claim. Lets explain this more.

Most trans people suffer fifth rate medical help, at best, and the NHS waiting list just to see a specialist is over 5 years. That’s just to speak to some one and if you can get your GP to listen to you in the first place. I’ve had 3 years of dealing with a GP who don’t care, don’t listen and have done nothing to help, other than refer me.

Therefore, most trans people seek private health care in their transition needs.

Private care they pay for out of their own pockets!

Therefore I ask the question, “how is this a financial burden on the NHS?”

I have heard podcasts/radio programs, and read articles that say those who actually get help via the NHS are a burden when in reality in 2015 (the last year I could find figures for) Trans healthcare cost the NHS the minute sum of just £25 million pounds per year **.

In the grand scheme of how much the NHS spends, some £220 billion ***, this amount is about a tear drop into all the oceans combined.

Because, contrary to what the media portrays, there is not an army of trans people riding rough shod over the NHS and costing huge amounts of money!

Most of us cant/don’t access their healthcare via the NHS. Myself included.

The NHS doesn’t even supply my gender drugs prescription!

With my experience of the NHS trans care so far, nor would I want them to!

Trans People are a burden on society

Apparently we are a burden on society?

Just how are we supposed to be a burden on society in general?

I cannot understand why people would say this as nothing has changed in society in such a way that other people are pushed aside to accommodate us.

Most trans people just want to get on with their lives, live our lives to the fullest and enjoy our lives free from abuse and prejudice.

Be that societally, medically or legally!

We pay for our medical services, we pay our taxes, we pay our way, just like everyone else!

You are degrading society with your transgender ways

As for claims we are degrading society and causing major changes in the world order. Horse shit!

Government’s, politicians and media are the ones doing this not trans people. What power do trans people have to affect such political changes?

The anti trans narrative is being pushed to distract from other issues in society that the ruling classes can’t, don’t want to or see no point in fixing.

If you think that trans people are to blame for society’s problems then take a good look around as there are bigger things afoot.

Next thing we’ll be getting blamed for the failure of the NHS covid track and trace program failure? And if I want to be even more flippant, how about blaming transgender people for the failure of Mars rover crash in 1999? Why not?

All Transgender people are gay


I take it we’re back to talking about trans women here?

First off, my sexuality is non of your business.

In society in general there are lots of homosexual people. Do you go round asking them when their sexuality is?

If this really a question you want answers to, my response is, its non of your business.

People’s sexuality, is non of your business, whether they be trans, straight or, Gay!

If this is an issue to you, then are you homophobic?

Surely its as easy as a few surgeries

I’d put a face plant emoji here if I could!

Yes, and if you wave your magic fairy wand then all will be well with the world and transition would take minutes.

Its not just a few surgeries, its lots of years of waiting, unless you have money!

Discussing things with your GP takes time, effort and education. Of yourself and of your GP as typically most GP’s haven’t got a clue. Even getting a straight answer from your GP about blood test results can be a minefield.

Then getting to see a specialist doctor on the NHS, takes years. The current waiting list to see a Gender specialist is 5 years……

Even getting prescriptions fulfilled is an uphill battle.

Then there is years of hormone therapy and more waiting for surgery, followed by years of aftercare and possible further corrective surgery.

The list and time goes on and on.

So no, its not as simple as a few surgeries!


The more transgender myths the media level towards Trans people, the more Trans People will push back.

I have a very large group of friends from many sections of society and none of them have any issues with me or my other trans friends, especially those above.



* Gender identity, England and Wales – Office for National Statistics ( (Office for national statistics link)

** How much does the NHS spend on transgender services? (NHS website link)

*** How much does the NHS spend in total (British Medical Association link)



This is a living document and will be added to and amended over time.

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