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Trans orgasms

The heterosexual community has no idea about trans orgasms, however the news and media like to speculate and pass judgement on who it feels to orgasm or experience orgasms as a transgender person. They ultimately will never know as they are not transgender people and they know not what hormones and blockers do to bodies …

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Transgender conversion therapy ban

The trans conversion ban bill is apparently now in its final stages and just waiting for a sign-off from the UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak. His decision is going to be a defining moment for the prime minister. He will show his true colors, and either renege on the government’s promise to ban conversion therapy …


Transgender Myths vs Reality

When it comes to Transgender Myths, I hear all kinds of bullshit on a daily basis. Mainly in the media, which is then believed by the public at large and then regurgitated by certain sections of the public. I have heard the mantra, “it was on the news, it must be true”, so many times, …

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The Gender Recognition Act (2004)

What is the Gender Recognition Act 2004? The Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA) is the primary piece of legislation for and in use in the UK. This legislation governs the recognition of transgender people. The full act documentation can be found on the government website, here: Gender Recognition Act 2004 ( The Gender Recognition Act allows transgender people …