After the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak’s party conference speech this week, 4th October 2023, saying that misgender transgender people is ‘common sense’, I find myself feeling unsafe in my own country for the first time in my life.

Pink News: Rishi Sunak says misgendering trans people is ‘common sense’ in Tory conference speech.

He said “we shouldn’t get bullied into believing that people can be any sex they want to be, they can’t a man is a man and a woman is a woman that’s just common sense” and the sickophantic seals at the conference applauded!

So Rishi, when you look at me and some of my friends who have been transitioning for a while, what do you see?

His full speech is here: Rishi Sunak’s full speech from Conservative Party Conference in Manchester – Wales Online and if you feel the desire to watch it then thats available here: (341) Rishi Sunak speech on HS2, education reforms and smoking – YouTube

This is for a number of reasons.

The first and main reason is that the transphobic part of our society will now see Rishi Sunak’s speech as carté blanche to now purposely, misgender every trans person that they see.

Sadly, this may involve some cisgender people experiencing hate as well because they maybe perceived as transgender.

I am hoping that this does not happen to me and also that it doesn’t become a common occurrence, but I have made up my mind that if this does happen and I am misgendered, by a professional person, such as a police officer or medical professional, I will stand my ground and fight my corner!

Even if this means that I am arrested for what I do or say thereafter!

If this happens from a member of the general public or even a friend, then I will ignore them quicker than they can click their fingers.

If it’s a work colleague then I will raise this with their HR departments or the person who ultimately pays my wage which is the owner of the company. I would even withdraw my services from this customer if needed!

I know some people may say, “well this is just my opinion”, but in today’s society you would not call a black person a n***** or somebody from the middle East and p**** anymore. So why should a transgender person be expected to take abuse for the same thing?

Nobody knows what I have been through in my life to reach a point where I first of all felt safe, and also felt happy transitioning from male to female. Plus you have no idea of the heartache, anguish, anxiety, soul searching, and mental anguish that I have gone through to get to this stage in my life.

Just so that I can be happy and a functioning member of society!!!

We have the prime minister of the United Kingdom standing on a stage and say anti transgender things in a public forum and saying that being anti transgender is acceptable! This is both morally and societally unacceptable and those that think this is right are perhaps the ones with a mental disorder.

Then on the same day the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay, say that trans people will not be allowed on hotel wards for treatment on the ward of their chosen gender. Meaning that I would not be allowed on a woman’s ward for treatment.

Now I hope that medical professionals see sense here and are not going along with this guidance, as there was already legislation passed in 2021 (NHS guidance issued in 2021 said trans people may be placed on wards according to the gender they identify as.)

As far as I am aware there have been no incidence of transgender people causing issues on the ward of their chosen gender in the past and also placing trans people in private rooms will further strain an already broken NHS.

This poses the question, which ward would I be put in if I was having gender affirming surgery?

The second major reason I no longer feel safe in the UK is because I see the Conservative government becoming more and more fascist in the way that it deals with the general public at large.

These comments by our prime minister and the proposal changes is putting the health and well-being of the transgender population in jeopardy

All of this rhetoric aimed at the transgender community, which I hasten to add is only 0.39% of the entire UK population (2022 census results. Population of 67.33 million and 262000 people identifying as transgender or non-binary). This rhetoric is making it more difficult for people like myself to live our lives.

Also this kind of legislation also puts a strain on our society but it’s also going to impact the lives of non-transgender people as every masculine woman or feminine man is going to be viewed very differently by our society and how long before this abuse spills over to those not viewed as perfect in Rishi’s society?

I honestly do not know what the Tories are trying to achieve by victimizing the transgender community when nearly all the transgender people I know just want to live their lives. Something which the non-transgender community is free to do with impunity.

It is already hard enough to live in this country as a transgender person and I must admit that I have actually looked at moving away from this country to a safer place.

Me moving overseas would not only impact on my life, but it would also impact on the lives of my companies suppliers, subcontractors, customers and even the UK treasury itself, as my business pays tax in the UK.

I am prepared to move overseas if the Transmisia that is appearing in the UK continues and believe me this has not been an easy decision to make because I do love the United Kingdom.

So, I say to Rishi Sunak and the Tory Party that you are a bunch of cunts and you would not have treated any other minorities in the way that you are treating the transgender community today.

Your words are vile and you should know that the harder you push me as a transgender person, the harder I will push back, be that through my activism or if the need arises via criminal actions.

I am honestly no longer scared to be arrested for standing my ground against rules and measures brought in against the transgender community and ultimately myself.

Therefore should I experience any kind of hate on mistreatment from any public body or service I will pursue them to the full extent of my ability and legal recourse.

I will also never again in my life vote Conservative, and I await the day that my local tory MP knocks on my door looking for my support because she, Fiona Bruce, and her supporters will get the metaphoric both barrels.

What was said by the prime minister I find utterly abhorrent and as I’ve said before there is no way that they would have said this to any other minority in this once great country.

You and the Tory party have taken another step closer to a fascist society and shown your true colours! Brown!

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