Coronavirus self isolation – Day 6

Coronavirus self isolation – Day 6

Woke up this morning at 8 am which was actually 7am and my body was immediately confused. as it always is when the clocks go backwards or forwards. One day we’ll stop doing this I am sure?

Breakfast today as for the last 4 days I’ve just had one meal a day as either been mad busy or doing work on the house. I’ve also crashed later in the day.

Today tried to apply for universal credit but it seems the government have made this hard to claim for. First, register to apply for universal credit you. Then have to register on the website and login there as well.

God knows how long it’s going to be to apply for a Business Grant!

Walked over to Castle stores stores to get some milk and the shop owner tells me the normal cartoons the suppliers can’t get. So now all the milk cartons have been replaced with milk bottles. Yeah, interesting.

Walked round the village and stared off into the distance at regular intervals as the sky this morning was clear enough to be able to see Liverpool.

Filled in the websites authorised “details checker” website to be able to apply for universal credit. The second soul sucking website on the route to a hand out of fuck all. Seriously, will be out working if it’s safe and the opportunity arises this week.

Took me an hour to find and fill in all my shit of the digidentity website and I’m still no further forward as you go so far into the application and I can’t get any further!

Bollocks, let’s go point some more wall.

4 hours later, more wall pointed.

Chris ordered tea, takeaway. Delicious. Thanks Chris.

I got the old playstation one out today. Haven’t touched it for a long time as never felt right playing it on it alone.

Ended up sat watching Helen play Bust a Move all night! Go figure.

It’s been trying on and off to snow all day as well, not what we need now is it.

Dog fed, dog walked, dog asleep. Me to.

Night all.

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