Coronavirus self isolation – Day 5

Coronavirus self isolation – Day 5

Today I was up earlier than normal but still last to wake up. Feeling quite numb today on day 5 of my Coronavirus self isolation.

Took Chante for a walk round the village and for the third day, saw no one. Quite depressing really.

Today, however I’ve tried not to think about the coronavirus situation, the finances or how much work still needs to be done at the house.

So I’ve raked out and repointed the huge stone wall at the front of the house. I’ve had to pull part of it apart as it was in a bad way. Removing two of the top stones required both me and Chris’s as their huge pieces of stone. The wall looks ace now.

As does the pointing on the side of the house. Chris was hard at it from 8am this morning. Looks absolutely amazing compared to how it was before and hopefully will keep this old house water tight for another 150 years.

Had a great beef stew for tea courtesy of H then took Chante out for a walk and ended up over at the old man of Mow and stated out across Crewe, Congleton, Macclesfield and beyond.

Watched Thunderball for about the 100th time.

Not got much else to say as feeling a bit “meh!” today.


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