Close to Penzance, by the sea
There’s a beautiful island, just off the beach
By a place called Marazion
Sits an island paradise
Atop which sits a Castle
It does look really nice
Across a causeway, access you will get
And if the causeway is flooded,
Catch or boat or get real wet
But when you arrive at this place
The majesty you’ll see
Because this place is St Michael’s Mount
An island in the sea
With beautiful buildings, a castle atop
A harbour, and some shops
Lots of steps, and pretty flowers
And sights to make you stop
Stop a while, and look, towards land, or out to sea
This place it is a beautiful one
Well, it really was for me
I climbed the steps, up to the top, we did merrily go
And look at the amazing views
Towards Penzance, Marazion, and fishing boats, yo ho ho
Inside was nice, but the views, they did it for me
They were really worth the cost, not just financially,
But for the breath that I had lost
Price of admission, a paltry £30,
and 2 ice creams, the price it made me frown
But worth the trip, this island tour
Of St Michael’s Mount, an island by the sea
I will return, I promise this
Your beauty, still more to see


The official St Michael’s Mount website is available here


Some of my photos of the day at St Michael’s Mount

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