Coronavirus self isolation – Day 3

Coronavirus self isolation – Day 3

Funny old day today, on day 3 of our coronavirus self isolation. And today we’ve talked lots about the things we are seeing in the news and what folk can and can’t do? We also talked lots about the self employed rescue package, Which, let’s be honest, is pityful!

This mornings walk was a bit wierd and living in a small village there isn’t a massive distance you can walk unless you take one of the paths out of the village, but Mow Cop Castle is now shut. Closed, no entry. If you do go up there people may point and shoot or post your picture on Facebook in minutes.

I understand the need for social isolation but if out to walk the dog alone, then is it an issue? The groups of folk, I’m with the naysayers and it’s pitch forks at sunset.

At the house, Chris has raked out loads of the gable end out in readiness to be repointed. The weather is good so let’s crack on. I’m sure his feet must be aching though! He took some stunning photos while he was out walking his dog today. The Sunset one is stunning.

Helen has been tidying and still found time to rustle up home made chilli con carne and rice. Fantastic with a bit of cheese on top.

So what was I doing?

We have a dead space in the kitchen and using a few offcuts I managed to screw a piece of wood to the wall and hang a shelf off it and then tidied the kitchen.

It’s a galley kitchen and it gets a lot of traffic for such a little room so making space has been hard but now things arent as dusty we’ve been cleaning all the cupboards and arranging thinks into some semblance of life and an additional worktop was just what we needed.

I’ve also sat today and looked what we’ve done (well mainly Chris and Helen) over the past two months and think “Wow”. A lot has been accomplished in such a short time.

Ate Helen’s Chilli con carne and then stood on the doorstep listening to my mum talk about her day as I watched the sunset from the front garden.

We all sat down about 8 to watch a film.

What we watching?

We managed till 10pm then that was it! Couldn’t watch any more.

Plus it’s another school day tommorow so, off to bed.

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