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Mikki Tiamo

Who is Mikki Tiamo?

What’s the story morning glory!

Hi. Welcome to my about me page. My about Mikki Tiamo page.

Who am I and what’s this page about then?

Well.. its been a long time coming but I am officially out.

I am a transgender woman, I admit this to myself.

“48 years went by, living a lie.
Then out of the box did evolve,
a beautiful butterfly.”

The past few years have been difficult, while I’ve been having my head examined by Psychotherapists and things have also been horrific in the past.

Things I’ve hidden, both physically and mentally, along with battles about my own sexuality have been there for most of my life, and it’s only in the past few years that I have come to be comfy with my own sexuality and ultimately who I really am.

I am Mikki.

Born in the early 70’s I learned from a very early age that I loved to do girlie things and felt comfiest in girls/women’s clothing and wearing makeup.

I have many female cousins and we played dress-up while we were young all the time.

Something I enjoyed but which was always frowned upon by my parents as both saw me as a boy only and nothing more. Especially as our household was in the ’70s, a religious one.

Thankfully, no more. I am my true self and I love me now that I have found the true me.

I am Mikki Tiamo and this is my website, please enjoy responsibly 😉

Find out more about me and answers to questions you might not even have asked in my trans FAQ’s

Mikki Tiamo
Welcome to Mikki Tiamo.com

All through my teenage years, my crossdressing was kept under wraps and only done when there was no one else around.

When I wore the correct clothing it always felt right, not dirty or seedy, nor did I get aroused by this. I just liked to dress as a woman, wear makeup, do my nails and my hair. The reward for me was the visual effect and I would spend hours looking at myself in the mirror.

“One of the first things I noticed as a child was people’s faces.
There were two types of faces.
Mummy shiny faces and Daddy grizzly faces.
All I wanted as a kid was a Mummy shiny face.
I’ve never had a Daddy grizzly face.
It’s only recently I’ve not been too scared to have a Mummy shiny face”

This was all put on hold when I went to work in the far east and met someone who I ended up marrying and sharing my life with for 20 years.

During this time I suppressed my crossdressing and at times I had massive bouts of depression because I didn’t know what was going on in my head. It was only when this relationship ended and I entered another relationship where this lady encouraged me to seek psychiatric help (something I begrudged at the time but now I’m thankful for) and helped me dress up on a few occasions. However, again this relationship ended.

In August of 2019, I went to Pride in Manchester. I got dressed up. I wore makeup, a dress, tights and high heels. I walked around central Manchester with not a care, I walked around the village all day and all night, with not a care in the world.

I admit it! I loved how free I felt.

I did feel so sorry to those around me that day as I felt terrible once I’d worked out what had happened in my own psyche. However, at the event, I felt like a huge, if not enormous, weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Like someone had said to me,

“all these worries, all these fears, all this repression, all this suppression, all this nonsense let’s get rid of all those”

and because of this I honestly felt relieved. Choosing such a public place to do this probably wasn’t the best place to “Come out” but I had been quietly crapping myself all day long at the thought of doing this but summoned up the courage, especially with the woman I was with, to walk out of my hotel in central Manchester dressed as myself and then walk the half-mile to the entrance to the village. Once I’d left the hotel not once did I feel scared, humiliated or overwhelmed.

The reaction I got that evening from other people there was well, fucking amazing. I seriously cannot describe the reaction I got from Male, Female, Young, Old… Just amazing. Yes. I did love being the centre of attention and still do.

I wish I’d worn more suitable shoes though so I could have mingled more, lesson learnt for 2021 (because Manchester Pride 2020 has been postponed) and I’ll wear something more suitable for Pride 2021 (I didn’t!)

So, from the 25th of August 2019, Mikki was reborn and since that day Mikki is who I am and I am now a 100%, full-time trans Woman.

I have a great bunch of friends who help and support me. Many have said they feel humbled that I’d shared my secret with them. I’ve done this because I love you guys, but all my true friends have been so helpful and supportive of me during this transitioning period of my life.

To my friends: I love you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support.

My girlfriends have been amazing and we have been out on several occasions as a group in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

Now let’s be clear here, I have always been quite feminine and make more than a passible woman. Those who’ve known me for a long time have actually been shocked when they have met Mikki for the first time. The standard greeting over 2020 and 2021 has been,  “Wow!”

I went to see a friend of mine whom I’ve known for over 15 years and when he opened the door his initial reaction was “Wow! Wow! You look bloody amazing.” Now I know he wasn’t just being nice as I’ve known him a long time and he always speaks his mind. If I’d have looked stupid he would have told me irrespective of my feelings, that’s why he’s been my friend for so long.

The hardest thing for me was coming out as Mikki to my parents. I’d told my mum a number of times over the phone and she’s pushed the conversation away each time so I thought “Fuck it!”

Put my best dress on, had my make up done by my friend Paul Heaton of Born UK and put on my highest heels then went round to my parent’s house.

On arrival, I walked in and shouted “Hiya”. The look on my dads face first of all was “WTF!” but he immediately came to me and threw his arms around me and said, “I knew you weren’t playing around when you told us but your mum wouldn’t have it”. “I am shocked though.”

He actually shed a tear “Are you happy?”, “Yes, Dad I am”. “Good, you look bloody gorgeous. Come here give me a kiss”

He passed away in March 2020, a few months after I’d told him. I really bloody miss my dad, rest his soul.

Next up was my mum. On hearing me talking to Dad she’s up and across into the front room and on seeing me she’s taken aback. Quite literally, she took a step backwards. Almost in shock, she put her hand on her heart and said “Ah, that’s what you meant!”

What did you think I meant mother?

“Well, I thought like a drag queen”


“You look stunning son! You look really nice but it’s a bit weird looking at someone who looks like your sister but also looks like my son” and with that, she started to cry!

We talked that afternoon, all afternoon and my mum asked me many questions and when I left she asked me “Are you happy?”

Yes, mum, I am.

“Then get on with it” which for those who know my mum know that’s her way of saying, it’s your life – live it as you want.

I called her shortly after I left and talked a bit more with her, just to make sure she was okay as shortly after leaving and the realisation of what I had dropped on her hit me. After another hour chat and subsequent chats I know she has accepted me as I am.

I also know, she knows, I am happy and that’s all she wants for me.

We have spoken a lot since my dad died and although I don’t think she will ever call me Mikki, I think she has come to terms with it and does pass comments every time I go around.

I am Mikki.

Love to you all.


I know some of you reading this might have questions so, I’ve compiled a Frequently Asked Questions page which you can find by clicking the FAQ’s link or clicking on the FAQ’s in the menu at the top of the page.


Mikki xxx