I just cant wait for the NHS

I cant wait for the NHS, I just can’t! The timescales for Trans care are not just ridiculous, they’re preposterous!!

How can the service waiting list go from 18 months, pre Covid to 48 months post-Covid? This makes no sense!

I’m already struggling like crazy dealing with my anxiety, then let’s throw in all the extra shit in dealing with my doctors. Their attitude, ineptitude and apathy, and a not to mention a now potential 5-year waiting list. See, Major legal action launched against NHS over spiralling trans healthcare wait times

I can’t deal with that! Just can’t, and that’s why I’ve gone private with Gender GP.

Dealing with the NHS has been nothing but trauma each time I have to speak to them. It’s like my doctors are hoping I’ll go away if they ignore me/don’t deal with me/give me bad service.

Maybe that’s the point? They hope I’ll leave and move to another GP, pay for everything private or kill myself! Either way, they don’t have to deal with me!

So, I go to see private doctors, and ironically the private doctors I’ve seen work for the NHS!!!!! One I saw was still wearing his NHS badge!

I’m happy dealing with Gender GP and paying for my prescription. Ironically when I told my doctors I was using them they point blank refused to work with them. They also refused to help me monitor my bloods and then lied about the owners of the clinic I’d chosen. That’s Dr Helen Webberley, saying she had been struck off by the GMC.

The media’s views on this lady are nothing but vile and despicable. Just google her name.

I have read many articles on this and lots of people saying “they’re in it for the money”, so why has the service I’ve received much better than that of the NHS. If the NHS was doing its fucking job then I wouldn’t need to go to a private clinic!

It seems the Webberleys have been singled out, but there are many other clinics in the UK that provide similar services.

Now, my mentality is such that I just can’t sit around and do nothing!

This is how my brain is wired and I will learn things so, I firstly don’t have to rely on someone else and secondly can help myself again in the future.

I spent a lot of time researching, reading, and talking to people before I made my decision to start hormones. I even send an email full of links to my GP which she said she would read but, alas I don’t think she has.

I’m the happiest now than I’ve ever been at any point in my life before, why would I let someone, especially my GP or the NHS, ruin that? Why?

So I move on and go private and don’t worry about the underfunding, lack of understanding, ineptitude, or Transphobia I experience from the NHS and general public at large!

If the GMC shut down Gender GP I will jump to another provider because I cant wait for the NHS, it is just not an option!

I know the risks of the drugs I take and with my mental history, you’d think my GP surgery would be more willing to help or even guide me. Alas, they are bound by the General Medical Council guidelines most of which were drawn up decades ago.

I’ve been on the waiting list now for 2 years and Sheffield GIC says it will be 2 and a half more before I get an appointment. Can’t sit and wait that long.

This is my life. I will deal with the consequences of my actions but I want to do what I want and not be governed by a group of people who “think” they know what’s best for me but aren’t willing to communicate, help or discuss things with me.

My doctors defense network!

My doctors have decided they now have another line of defence against their patients in the “Doctors Defense Network”.

“Ring, Ring”

Firstly, a prerecorded message is about Coronabollocks and takes 40 seconds.

Queue the second pre-recorded message which is over 1 minute 10 long and tells you the procedure but not why.

Next, is the options for who to speak to which as far as I can tell all seem to go through to the same people on reception. Press 1 to book an appointment, press 2 to speak to reception by pressing another number, press 3 and speak to reception after a long wait, press 4 to listen to a different ring tone for a short period and then be transferred to reception, and press 5 for anything else as long as its speak to reception.

So, you’ve navigated all the prerecorded messages and sat on hold so long you now need a haircut, and it’s time to do battle with the receptionist. ⚔️

These people who with their fully armed arsenal of medical training, ie: fuck all, get to decide if you are worthy and do actually need an appointment.

By the way, this is not to speak to a Doctor but to speak to a “Care Navigator”
(What the F is a Care Navigator? Why do we need one? We all know this is a bullshit name for a made-up job! Do these Care Navigators have any medical training? First Aid course maybe? Who knows!)

Again, if the Care Navigator says, “You are worthy” they will then make an appointment for you to speak to a Doctor.

All this is over the phone of course!

We don’t want you to come down to our surgery with your bugs, germs, and diseases.

(I still want to know how they listen to your chest or do a blood pressure test over the phone? and they’re going to need a good aim to take blood over the phone!)


Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent Doctors Surgery or are they all like this?

PS I am aware that someone, somewhere, in a place far far away is justifying this but it’s so annoying when you need to speak to your Doctor about your prescribed medicine, and each time you have to jump through these hoops!

NHS Covid Pass

Yet again it’s dealing with the NHS time and yet again I’ve ended up with the sourest of tastes in my mouth as dealing with the NHS bureaucracy always leaves me feeling like I’ve done or am about to do something wrong!

I’ve been trying to set up the NHS Covid pass so I can visit specific events over the Bank Holiday weekend and a few more events in September and October. Events where you have to show your Covid status.

Now the only way to do this is to show your Covid status using the NHS’s app as text messages saying you’ve had Covid or messages that you can show a negative test will only be done through the NHS app.

So I log in, enter all my details into the NHS app and because my Doctors or the NHS themselves haven’t updated my name, despite being told, emailed, and written to, they continue to call me by my dead name and the NHS still has my dead name in there. So, I register and put in my name, date of birth, and NHS number, and immediately the NHS app asks me “Is this you?” showing my dead name!

Gah! Bastards!!!! (and I did write another word first)

In the end, I have to register in my dead name to use their silly little Covid app so I can attend events!

This is so fucked up!

If anyone asks for my ID I show them my name and if anyone looks at my Covid passport it shows my dead name.


Everyone tells me how great the NHS is and what wonderful service they provide but yet again, inaction, ineptitude, or laziness leaves me feeling bad.

Dealing with my doctors, 11/03/21

After the elation of the weekend and speaking to GenderGP today has been a massive depression after dealing with my doctors. It has left me crying my eyes out and more depressed than for many years.

The conversation with my GP today has reaffirmed my opinion that the NHS does not want to or are reluctant to help trans people or are hell bent on putting blocks in place.

I phoned my GP today to confirm that they would indeed support my prescriptions as 4 weeks ago the last doctor I spoke to said there shouldn’t be a problem which in my book doesn’t mean yes. Hence why I was checking.

On speaking to another doctor at the practice today, not only did she say they wouldn’t support me using Gender GP but she also cast aspersions about the owners of Gender GP which I have investigated and found to be untrue. She said that the owners of Gender GP had been struck off the medical register and it turns out they have been suspended. So allegations are not true. Very unprofessional of my GP.

My GP’s have said they will not support me in using Gender GP and said they will only help me if I use the assigned gender clinic, ie: Sheffield GIC. Which at present has a waiting time of 44 months. So much for the NHS’s 18 weeks referral times!

I am absolutely crushed by this but determined to forge forward and will pay for my own prescriptions and blood tests if needs be.

I have already paid for my own psychotherapy, and this is just another kick in the teeth or block in the way from the NHS.

After a year on the waiting list, I am still no further forward.

Time to take matters into my own hands.

Time to make time for my own matters.

NHS waiting lists, expect them to get longer

I want to put my thoughts on NHS waiting lists out there for folks to comment on. What I’m seeing personally and with friends and family really worries me.

It’s March 2021 and we’re still being told to “Stay at home, Save lives, Protect the NHS”.

That’s all well and good as the NHS fights Covid but what’s happening to the NHS waiting lists?

No, really! What’s happening to them?


Personal experience so far.

First off let me speak my piece about my own personal experience as someone who is on an NHS waiting list to see a Gender Identity Specialist.

I was referred by my GP in early 2020 and was told to expect a wait of 20 months!

This is to see the specialist who then decides whether to put you on another waiting list to proceed down the road of Gender Reassignment. This is NOT to start the process, just to see a specialist who decides if you can proceed down this road.

In October 2020 I received a letter stating that they acknowledge my referral and that I am now on the waiting list to see a specialist and the waiting time is currently 30 months.

Fast forward to February 2021 and this has now jumped to 44 months.

That’s almost 4 years!

Even if the waiting list doesn’t get any longer that means it will have to be over 4 years on a waiting list to see a specialist!

So, I have decided to go private, filled a form in online, I have an online consultation and can see a specialist next week!

I have friends who don’t have this luxury and are stuck in the queue.

Now some people might, and have, say, “Well your issues aren’t life-threatening”.

Sorry, they are very important to those of us who find ourselves in this position and Trans people already have one of the highest suicide rates, so tell me again, it’s not important. How would you feel if you had to wait 4 years to see a specialist? Well, you might have to if the waiting lists continue to get longer.

So, this brings me into other services and experiences with friends and family who are on NHS waiting lists.


Friend #1

I am quite angry about this one as this is affecting this man’s life now to the point where he is literally house-bound because he is waiting for a hip operation which was originally scheduled for April 2020.

Three times now he has been given dates for operations, three times he’s self-isolated and had a Covid test, and three times the operation has been canceled!

The poor sod is beside himself and is now trying to scrape together the money to get this done privately, even selling his car, as like myself he doesn’t see an end to his misery anytime soon.

The hospital has told him to expect at least another 6 months before the operation can feasibly be rescheduled.

That’s 6 months he’s housebound, that’s 6 months he’s in constant pain every time he moves, and that’s 6 months of his life he could be recovering in lieu of returning to work and earning himself and this country money.


Friend #2

Because of lockdown, he is now facing certain death because his cancer wasn’t diagnosed soon enough.

Due to see a specialist in March of 2020, this was postponed again and again and by the time he was diagnosed, it was July by which time the cancer was inoperable and he is relying on radiotherapy to try to remove the cancer.

Poor bloke has already resigned himself to the fact he is probably going to die prematurely.

I won’t say any more on this as it makes me so very sad and also so very angry at the same time.


Friend #3

Dealing with a parent at the end of their life isn’t the easiest thing to deal with.

I know this from experience as my father passed away in March 2020 but at least we were able to have the care and support of the NHS.

Imagine you’re dealing with a parent who is incapacitated because of illness and then imagine nearly all the support mechanisms, which would make your parents and your life easier at this harrowing time, pulled from underneath you and your parent. The NHS has said she would only get any end-of-life care if she was moved into a hospital or a care home.

Caregivers have not been to see her mother now since October and she has been looking after her mother since.



The health service survived covid but is it going to survive the increasing waiting lists?

The mental issues as yet undiagnosed?

Or the obesity issues caused by lockdown?

Or are you in the “it’ll be right!”, camp?

Let me know your thoughts.

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