NHS Covid Pass

NHS Covid Pass

Yet again it’s dealing with the NHS time and yet again I’ve ended up with the sourest of tastes in my mouth as dealing with the NHS bureaucracy always leaves me feeling like I’ve done or am about to do something wrong!

I’ve been trying to set up the NHS Covid pass so I can visit specific events over the Bank Holiday weekend and a few more events in September and October. Events where you have to show your Covid status.

Now the only way to do this is to show your Covid status using the NHS’s app as text messages saying you’ve had Covid or messages that you can show a negative test will only be done through the NHS app.

So I log in, enter all my details into the NHS app and because my Doctors or the NHS themselves haven’t updated my name, despite being told, emailed, and written to, they continue to call me by my dead name and the NHS still has my dead name in there. So, I register and put in my name, date of birth, and NHS number, and immediately the NHS app asks me “Is this you?” showing my dead name!

Gah! Bastards!!!! (and I did write another word first)

In the end, I have to register in my dead name to use their silly little Covid app so I can attend events!

This is so fucked up!

If anyone asks for my ID I show them my name and if anyone looks at my Covid passport it shows my dead name.


Everyone tells me how great the NHS is and what wonderful service they provide but yet again, inaction, ineptitude, or laziness leaves me feeling bad.

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