Not having a dog affords me freedom

Not having a dog affords me freedom

As much as I miss chante, and I really do. Not having a dog affords me freedom.

After 17 years of dog ownership I am free to do what the hell I want, when the hell I want to.

I’ve been tied to my dog for a long time and this has been especially hard with an elderly dog who has separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety that was so bad that the last time I left her alone for an appreciable amount of time I came home to find she had pushed open the bedroom window and was stood partly outside on the window sill outside barking her head off.

Apparently, she had been like this for over four hours according to my neighbours.

Organising work schedules and a night out was difficult as I had no spontinaty and had to plan ahead, booking dog sitters or arranging friends or family to look after her. Something which both ate money and favours.

If you are thinking, why didn’t you just leave her and go out?

Well I did, on several occasions, but she would bark continually and I had complaints from my neighbours. She was also damaging the house as she would scratch the doors in the house and leave little doggy surprises all over the house, especially more as she got older.

This would make me feel very guilty!

While I’m not happy my dog has died I am happy that I don’t have to worry about her or stress about getting someone to look after her anymore.

I am free to do as I choose, I am free to disappear at the drop of a hat, I am free to have a life!

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