New Haircut done by Hair by Felix

New Haircut done by Hair by Felix

It’s new haircut time so yes, I admit it I haven’t been to the hairdressers for rather a long time and I’ve also abused my hair over the past 2 years.

The last time I tried to goto the hairdressers they phoned me on the morning of my appointment to tell me I needed a patch test and they couldn’t cut or colour my hair. Very unprofessional of these hairdressers and I told them so as I was going on holiday the day after and because of no path test they wouldn’t do my hair for another week!

Anyway, this kind of set the scene for the next two years and despite meaning to go and my hair cut I’ve never gotten round to it.

Queue friends telling me about Hair by Felix in Macclesfield and me meeting Felix on numerous occasions on business.

I organise an appointment and turn up as arranged.

Before I’ve even sat down there’s a coffee on the go. How’s that for service?

We discuss my hair and because I’ve dyed the hell out of it it’s not one colour anymore and I’m shown just how there are multiple colours at various levels in my hair. These are akin to rings in a tree or more like sins of a bottle of hair bleach by yours truly!

Felix suggests a neutral colour and some highlights to break up the different colours.

I spend a very pleasant few hours having my hair dyed then cut and washed and blow-dried.

Now what a difference.

My hair feels much lighter as it’s been layered. it hangs better on my head and it looks amazing. Its almost one colour but because of my own abuse it needs a few sessions to get sorted.

I am well happy and cant recommend Hair by Felix enough.

Check out the before and after shows of the back of my head taken by Felix.

Thank You Felix <3

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