Nights out

Out Local-ish

Last night I went out local and surprisingly I had a great night. I’d been in Manchester all day and was going to stay and go round the village but because it was a cold day or the new COVID BS regulations put people off everywhere was quite quiet and at 6pm I headed back […]

Really, Really Drunk

Let's be clear here I don't normally get really drunk. I don't know why but I seem to have some kind of inbuilt filter, most of the time. Which when I get to a certain point I just stop drinking almost like an off switch. My problem when I get drunk is that I'm a [...]

A night on the town with abusive behaviour, 17/04/21

Tonight I’ve had the misfortune to experience a tirade of homophobic, transphobic and drunken abusive behaviour from somebody on a night out in Manchester’s, Gay Village. This was directed firstly at me, then my friends and also the gay community at large in the village in Manchester. What happened? Let me start by saying what […]

Night out in Manchester on 1st weekend after lockdown 

I went for a night out in Manchester on the first weekend after lockdown, on the 16th and 17th April. This is my recollection of the night out and what Manchester was like. I wasn’t actually planning to go out on 16th of April but the events of the week transpired that I ended up […]

Leeds night out, 7th August 2020

Mikki on a train Woke up this morning and my first thought was, night out tonight in Leeds. Plus I get to see my amazing friend, Wendy. Bags are already packed. Open car, thrown bags in the boot and place dog on back seat. (tyre screeching) drop dog at dog sitters for the weekend, (more [...]

The weekend which was supposed to be Sparkle 2020 but wasn’t but kinda was

Thanks to the "We're all going to die" Coronavirus lockdown, the Sparkle 2020 annual Sparkle Event for Trans, Non-binary/Genderfluid and Intersex festival, was cancelled. However, because we all isolated and put our sad little lives on hold and didnt die, we're here to tell the tale. On 4th July (so, very apt this being Independance [...]

The Majesty of a night out

When I go out, out I love how it makes me feel and wanted to put down in words how does it feel getting dressed up to go on a night out? How does it feel to get dressed up as your alter ego to go on a night out? For me the majesty of […]

Friday night in

Its Friday and I was supposed to be going out tonight to Leeds, however the event is cancelled and i'm at home self isolating. So... What do you do? You get up, shave your legs, iron your best dress, put on your face, dig out a new pair of stockings, get dressed and go out [...]

Blackpool. 10th January 2020

Friday 10th January. Knock, Knock on the door. It's my friend Meg. "Wow look at you! You off out then?" Yes, off to Blackpool. "You look amazing mate. Here's those keys and have a great day. Gimme a hug" I went to Blackpool for a number of reasons but the main was to go visit [...]

New Years Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve and tonight I’m off to friends over in Burnley to party! The very same friends who got married a few weeks ago but this time I have somewhere to stay so can relax and let my hair down. But first I’ve got to get through the day! First thing is I […]

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