Affecting my mental happinesss

Affecting my mental happinesss

You know whether I can’t deal with listening to other people’s problems anymore, its affecting my mental happiness!

I’m a very caring person but I am absolutely pig sick of people using me as a dumping ground for their problems especially when as soon as they arrive they disappear!

It has to stop as its effecting me mentally as people come along and I form some kind of attachment to them and they use me to download all their mental problems and then leave or at the very least go about their merry little lives.

After this year and meeting quite a few new people I’ve realised I need to look after my own mental health more than anyone elses.

I have to put my emotional receptors in a metaphorical safe zone from now on because I can’t be the person I was anymore. I just cant!

Its actually affecting my mental state listening to everyone elses problems especially when it’s a one way street.

“Heres my problems, but I don’t particularly want to talk to you other than to give you my problems, pain and anguish!”

Just can’t deal with other people’s unhappiness and pain anymore! I’ve got enough of my own at the moment!

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