Its just a dog
so, I’m told by folk
who don’t know
what’s in a heart of gold
a dog gives you comfort
an unconditional love
and when they pass
its gone, vanished for good

It’s just a dog
I hear you say
you’ll get over it
you just need a few days
however my darling’s
it’s clear to see
it’s not that easy
when I think about thee

It’s just a dog
had a place in my heart
through thick and thin
my dog didn’t part
she may have left
the mortal earth
only memories remain
and a pain in my heart

It’s just a dog
Ner, will I forget
of the goodness of her
forever more and everyday
you may not be here
but love you the same
even now we’re apart
I sometimes feel pain in my heart

It’s just a dog
no, they’re more than that
for you were my best friend and companion
to anytime I could chat
I know you weren’t able
to ever talk back
But always there for me
and that’s a fact

It’s just a dog
they’re more than that
a little furry god
acquired by money, I’d begot
no longer with me
is my dog on this earth
but a place in my heart
will always be there

It’s just a dog
no you were more, more than that
and now you’re gone
have to cope with you
not being here, no more
and I’ll occasionally weep
because my emotions
for you they ran deep

It’s just a dog
and some say, I’m crazy to cry
but my little canine friend
Didn’t want you to die
And now that you’re gone
empty space everyday
You weren’t just a dog
But a big part of my life

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Mikki Tiamo

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