There’s not many people
Who really like you
You come across as an arsehole
You really do do
But me I think
You are actually ace
But I’d never say this
Direct to your face
You know that you make me
Laugh very hard
With your cheesy jokes
About blocks of lard
The last time I saw you
I laughed till I cried
Our sense of humour warped
And our laughter aligned
Other people dont understand you
The way that I do
And when you talk
Most people, they sigh
As my friend though
You know I can’t lie
The story’s you tell me
They make others cringe
You’re like a box set
I know shouldn’t binge
But our humour, similar enough
That I laugh out loud
It’s not very tough
And you should be proud
My friend, you are awesome
You really are mate
Be strong in your resolve
And just be yourself
Either that, or an ornamental elf
If you could be more
Who I see you are
You my friend
Will go very far.

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Mikki Tiamo

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