Ian Curtis Portrait in Maccesfield

Ian Curtis Portrait in Maccesfield

This week, 25th March 2022, marked the unveiling of a new portrait of Ian Curtis portrait in Macclesfield. Painted by the Manchester based street artist Akse_p19.

I’ve showcased Akse_19‘s work before and this is the second portrait of Ian Curtis which has been done on Mill Street in Macclesfield, next to the Bus Station.

The first of Akse’s Ian Curtis portraits is in the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

As some might know Ian Curtis lived in Macclesfield, he was born in Stretford and died on the 18th May 1980 at his house in Barton Street in Macclesfield. He was laid to rest in Macclesfield Cemetery and his memorial stone can be found near the chapel of remembrance in Macclesfield Cemetery. This is the third replacement stone as the original was stolen in 2008 and again in 2019.

Ian Curtis was the lead singer of the band Joy Division and his memorial stone is inscribed with the title of one of their hits “Love will tear us apart”

This portrait of Ian Curtis is absolutely fantastic and brightens up the area with one of Macclesfield’s adopted sons.

If you’re in Macclesfield then its worth just going to have a look at this as the quality of this is amazing, especially when you know its been done with spray paints.

Here are a few of my photos of the Ian Curtis Portrait on MMill street in Macclesfield.

Ian Curtis Portrait in Macclesfield
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