Synarel shortages

Synarel shortages

As of 12th April 2022, I am being told that there are Synarel shortages and on several sites and by my care provider Gender GP. I have read that this is because of the Bell v Tavistock ruling.

It is my understanding that the GMC is again trying to make things difficult for Transgender people by restricting the pharmacies that dispense Synarel for gender clinics!

This is on the Gender GP website:

Following the Bell v Tavistock ruling, the General Pharmaceutical Council has targeted the pharmacies that dispense most of our Synarel. This has led to some disruption of supplies. We are always investigating alternative providers, and in the meanwhile, any chemist in the UK and EU is able to dispense medication prescribed by us.

I’m not going to go into the Bell vs Tavistock case but here are some helpful links to help you understand what’s been going on:

No, no, no good!

This is not good for trans people. If the dispensing chemists, we have been using are being targeted and the supply of Synarel is being disrupted.

I’ve had problems getting my prescription fulfilled and then further prescription supply issues in January and these issues just compound things and cause both anxiety and also withdrawal issues if drugs cannot be sourced.

At this moment I am having to source this drug from alternative suppliers, and I have also had to change my Estradiol prescription because there is also a shortage of this. At this moment, I am unsure of the reasons why this should be in short supply!

This lack of supply is not a good thing and hopefully, these Synarel shortages won’t last long!

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