Estrogen Gel back in stock

Estrogen Gel back in stock

After September this year, I am now back on estradiol as it’s back in stock after previous supply issues earlier in the year which forced me to change my HRT to oestrogen patches.

Unfortunately, the patches were not as effective as the gel that ive been on for the past two years and at a recent blood test my oestrogen levels had dropped from 252 down to 101.

I’m also happy that I’m back on the gel as I really wasn’t getting on with the patches. The bloody things did not want to stay stuck to my body for the prerequisite time of three days.

The gel is easy to apply and because I have a lower oestrogen level I am on three pumps of the gel in the morning and two in the evening.

However, this dose has been making me really emotional, see broken!

Also been prescribed progesterone in the form of Utrogestan tablets which are taken orally once a day.

It has been a month now since I’ve been back on the gel and I feel much better as my testosterone levels had started to rise again and my libido had started to return.

The progesterone tablets however are a bit strange though. One of the side effects is insomnia, and I already struggle to sleep, and if I take them too late at night, I end up awake all night. Insomnia is a known side effect of progesterone.

So onwards and upwards and I look forward to my next blood test at the end of November.

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