What is it with my doctor’s? Again!

What is it with my doctor’s? Again!

Yet again I have to ask the question, what is it with my doctors?

This morning I’ve been in to collect a blood test form and even after changing my name over 2 years ago, they’re still referring to me by my previous name.

When I questioned this with the receptionist she said that my name is correct on their system, but any notifications or medical records are still showing in my old name.

I did show the lady on reception a copy of my deed poll because things have got so bad every time I go down there I take a copy of my deed poll with me!

How bad is it that, I must do that?

So, they are going to look into this and call me back today!

However, I’m very dubious that this will actually happen, and I will receive a call.

How hard can it be to change the name on a computer system?

And people wonder why I’ve gone private for my medical treatment!!


Edit: Called back this morning and Deed Poll requested. Lets see what happens!

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