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It’s Jan 2022 and I’m having prescription issues again, this time because of a shortage of drugs. After last time’s problems, I don’t need this!

I use Gender GP as my prescribing agent, and this has never been an issue but this time the issue has been getting my prescription fulfilled.

Having decided to use an online pharmacy this time as I’ve been working away most of the week and getting to chemists would have been an issue.

Within 2 days of sending them my prescription, I received an email saying they were having trouble sourcing my Estradiol and they would send all my prescription when they had them. I told them I was short and could they send me a few weeks’ supplies. Which they did!

Two weeks later I’d heard nothing and emailed them again, and again was told “Sorry we’re struggling to get hold of Estradiol and Synarel. We’ll send you what we can get when we can get it.”

A week later I received one tub of Estradiol and one Synarel nasal spray. Disappointing as this is only months’ supply of Synarel.

I email them again and again, the same email “Sorry, we’re struggling to get supplies”

I’m getting worried now as I only have a few days’ supplies left.

I run out and stress the urgency to the pharmacy and they dispatch another month’s supply next day delivery but say they are struggling.

We’re now into March and I still haven’t received the full prescription. I received my last two boxes on 16th March, some 2 months after my prescription date.

It’s so frustrating and causes so much anxiety but the situation is such at the moment that it looks like my next prescription will be the same!

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