“Live free or die”

“Live free or die”

“Live free or die” is the motto of a website I found today as linking to this blog.

I won’t name the blog as I will not link back to a vile anti pretty much everything site but I just found it pretty ironic that the message board motto is “Live free or die” yet the members of the board seek to put down others who are doing just that!

So, why have a motto which is quite frankly ironic, moronic, or at the very least conflicted in its message!

The board has quite a long thread, nearly 3800 pages, in which the members seek to put down the trans community and myself included, as deluded teenagers and attention seekers!

Neither is true as those who know me will attest.

The website’s members are posting pictures of trans people they have downloaded and making fun of their appearance while hiding behind anonymous names and avatars!

Some of the members would never say the things they are saying in the thread to the person they are insulting but these keyboard warriors seek to belittle others from behind their computer screens.

I put myself in the public eye to help others who are in the same situation be they male or female.

Yes, there is info about here that might come across to some people as either arrogant, insensitive or impertinent but I make no apologies for this. I am what I am and sometimes I am arrogant, insensitive, and impertinent, more so now than in my previous life.

Maybe “Live free or die” only applies to the members of this particular forum.

Well, I learned one thing from reading that particular website.

I’m a Troon! Apparently!


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