Cosmetic Surgery #1

Cosmetic Surgery #1

Okay hands up, I admit it. I’ve been and had a few cosmetic surgery procedures recently.

Last weekend I went and had Botox and lip fillers at a clinic in deepest Cheshire.

For a long time I’ve cursed my thin lips and last weekend I went and had my top lip plumped up with fillers and although I love the results I am some what reticent to have this done again.

Let me tell you what happened and then I’ll tell you why I wont be having it done again.

What happens

First of all the clinic staff were fab and from the moment I walked in to the moment I left there were nothing but courteous and professional, explaining what they were going to do, the side effects and helped me fill in the paperwork.

We then went through to the procedure room which was spotless and the lady doing the procedure further explained to me and my friend what was going to happen.

Because my mate was a little nervous, I went first.

So they wipe my top lip with an alcohol wipe and then BAM! In goes the needle. I must admit I was not ready for the pain.

I’ve had lots of injections and this by far hurt the most of all the recent injection, bloody tests and medical tests I’ve had. Even a cortosone injection in my spine didn’t hurt as much as this and it really took me aback.

I think the look on my face and my reactions shocked my friends as she had to leave the room to get her breath back.

The first set of injections, 4 in total hurt but the second set really hurt and I admit it made my eyes hurt.

No pain, no gain hey!

It was over in a few minutes and time to get up and take a look at the result. Yep I can tell the difference already.

My friends turn and I had to go get her out of the waiting room. Brave pill swallowed and she’s in the chair.

I watch as my friend goes through the same procedure and I can see her lips get larger from the first injection but I can also tell it hurts her as she’s griping the chai arms tightly.

Again its over in a minute and she’s out of the chair.

I am happy with the results and my cupids bow is more prominent.

Will I go back for more? Maybe!

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