Covid rules Vs common sense

I’m in a cafe and go to sit down but the table I would like, which has 4 chairs as I’m waiting for friends, but am told I can’t because this table hasn’t been cleaned.

So, I’m not allowed to sit down until they’ve cleaned the table, but I can sit down at an adjoining table because that’s been cleaned*.

I also can’t stand and wait for them to clean the table because your not supposed to be stood up inside because the rules say you have to sit down!

This is so fucking stupid!

I’m sitting at a table which now needs to be cleaned before the next people can sit at it because the table i want, with 4 seats, plus I can’t stand and wait either!

I eventually got the table and *they never cleaned the table I’d been sat at!!!!

Bonkers!! But rules is rules, apparently!

This covid bollocks needs to do one!

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