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Band on the Wall

Band on the Wall, Manchester

Band on the Wall, Manchester music venue The Band on the Wall is one of Manchester longest serving music venues with over two centuries of musical history. From the original George and Dragon public house to todays vibrant music venue. The Band on the Wall gets its unusual name from when as The George and …
Vimto Park Sculpture

Vimto Sculpture Manchester, Vimto Park

Vimto Sculpture, Vimto Park, Manchester I've walked up and down Sackville street on many occasions and never noticed the Vimto Sculpture in Vimto Park, Manchester. Located just off Granby Row in front of the Sackville Street Building now part of the University of Manchester site. Sitting in between the Sackville Street Building and the railway …
Archimedes Statue Manchester

Archimedes Statue, Manchester

Archimedes Eureka Moment Statue The Archimedes Statue, Manchester sits under the railway arches in between Granby Row and Altringham Street, close to Barnes Wallis Building at Manchester Universityis this life size statue of Archimedes  leaping out from a bath during his famous 'Eureka!' moment. Unveiled in 1990, the sculpture is by Thompson Dagnall and is …