Middlesborough Transporter Bridge, 13th July 2021

Middlesborough Transporter Bridge, 13th July 2021

Middlesborough Transporter Bridge from the North Shore

I was in Middlesborough on the 13th July and afterward, I went to look at somewhere I’ve wanted to see for a while, the Middlesborough Transporter Bridge at Port Clarence near Middlesborough. It’s an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet thing!

Sadly, the bridge is currently closed because apparently, it needs a tonne of cash spending on it.

Some might say because of neglect and others might say to bring it up to code but every day it’s shut its condition isn’t getting any better and it’s not earning anything when it’s closed.

The Middlesborough Transporter Bridge isn’t actually a bridge in the traditional sense and is a high-level bridge from which a gondola is suspended underneath at road level and this moves across the high-level structure on a series of wheels.

The gondola can carry cars and/or people.

But it’s closed so it’s carrying fuck all at the moment!

Sad to see this amazing structure laid idle. Sort it out!

The cafe on the North shore is good quality grub and well priced, they’ve also got outdoor seating so you can scoff yer chips while you admire the view.

Location Map

Photo date: 13th July 2021

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo

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